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August 27, 2007 // 5:04 pm - Update #3: All accounts should be fixed now, so give it a whirl people and if anyone still has a login issue feel free to use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. Also, don't be afraid to use the Submit a New Story tab above to share anything you deem as interesting.

Update #2: We now have the original (Forum) accounts working with the Portal, so that you can use your existing one to login and then submit news or comments. For the first 100 people or so (who re-registered with the new Portal) we are still working on fixing your accounts so you can login with the new system... Thanks for your patience guys!

Update: Ignore what is below for now.. we are completing the integration so that you will only need to use your existing Forum account to access the Portal to Submit news, comments, etc. This should be done by later today- stay tuned... and if you can't login yet it is because we are doing the updates in blocks of 20,000 users out of 233,443 total.

Got a lot of mail today from users who are trying to login to our new Portal with their original Forum account. This does not work yet, so if you want to login to the Forums you need to click on the Forums tab above and login that way... or you can create a new (seperate) account to use with our Portal [the digg-style site part].

We are investigating integration between the two so that only one account will work for both, but for the time being two seperate accounts are required to use both.

Sorry for the confusion all, and we will update you if/when your existing Forum (old) account will work for both.

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