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October 10, 2008 // 7:16 pm - I am as excited for Resident Evil 5 as any of you, it will probably be my Game Of The Year for 2009, and as March is quickly approaching, the excitement has been building. Then I saw the latest TGS Resident Evil 5 trailer from TGS '08...

When I saw the opening of this new trailer I honestly thought I was seeing a flash back to an older PS1 game, perhaps a earlier Resident Evil title done in HD (like the MGS1 flashback in MGS4). But no, this was Resident Evil 5.

I was shocked at the use of the "X" cut tree's that were made famous by Grand Theft Auto 3. The gravel road was all jagged and stood out like a sore thumb over the blurred grassy texture and trees. Something was terribly wrong with that scene. After replying the video, I hear wind, but I see no trees move at all either.

The whole birds-eye scene looked bland and terrible. For the desert being such a bland environment anyway (compared to some, like jungle etc), what environment that is there, needs to look great, and get across to the players that the desert is real, but this did not succeed at all.

Thankfully, once the trailer left that scene the graphics picked back up to what they should be: Fantastic. Now I just hope we don't have to see the use of those "X" cut tree's very often throughout the game. Such as during what seemed to be a driving section etc. And if they are used, they are very hard to see and just used to fill in some barley visible gaps.

Overall, using that scene for the opening, is in my opinion a huge mistake for Capcom to use as the opening scene for the trailer. It needs much more work to be up to standard. And yes, I am aware that many long distance scenes like that are similar, and don't reflect on the quality of the game that much. But I thought this observation was warranted as I haven't seen those good old tree's for years!

Seemingly Shocking Graphics Appear in TGS 2008 RE5 Trailer

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#1 - B4rtj4h - October 11, 2008 // 8:16 pm
B4rtj4h's Avatar
I really hope Capcom is NOT going to use the X trees... Come on! Were talking of the 3rth generation of Gaming hardware (PS3) not the first (Nintendo and Playstation)