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December 25, 2009 // 11:27 pm - In a recent interview with (linked above), the director of analyst services for Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) Jesse Divnich predicted a new Grand Theft Auto game will be unveiled at E3 2010 in June.

To quote: "I think we're going to hear about another Grand Theft Auto. I think there won't be any playable stuff. I think they'll give you some type of teaser, because we do think that a year from then in 2011 we're going to see another Grand Theft Auto."

We asked Divnich about whether Sony or Microsoft would try and nab some sort of exclusive rights to the newest GTA, but he thought that those days were over.

"I don't foresee Microsoft or Sony attempting to obtain any type of exclusivity with the next Grand Theft Auto. Microsoft paid a lot of money for exclusivity on the downloadable content for GTA IV, which unfortunately did little to move consoles for Microsoft."

Rumor: New Grand Theft Auto Game to be Unveiled at E3 2010

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#2 - KRaZE - December 26, 2009 // 6:53 pm
KRaZE's Avatar
Only way I'd buy it if it was redone from the floor up, ie gta 3/4...

These remakes are just to boring these days. Hell I feel like when I do play it I've been playing the same game for years, times to roll over rockstar.

#1 - Surfaced - December 26, 2009 // 4:14 pm
Surfaced's Avatar
I think its plausible. Just a couple days ago, GTA4 went on sale on Steam. It's usually $30 there but they kicked it down to $7.50. I pounced like most other people, but it definitely seemed suspicious.