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July 14, 2009 // 10:19 pm - CinCity2000 (linked above) reports that they've come across the advance script of the God of War movie, which was written by David Self.

The the movie seems to be based on the events on the first God of War. The script (or parts of it) were not published, but the claim is big enough to spark this juicy rumor anew.

Spoiler Warning: We all know what happened in God of War one, and despite the close adherence of the movie to the in-game storyline, the ending will be different: Instead of accepting the offer to replace Ares as the God of War, Kratos refuses, continues his cliff dive, whispering "Your turn, Hades..." as he falls.

Now we turn to who's playing Kratos. For me, no one will ever make a better Kratos than Vin Diesel, and perhaps Goldberg would come a distant second.

Lead game designer David Jaffe, however, wants Djimon Honsou to take the role. Djimon's a great actor and everything, but he doesn't quite give out a fierce Kratos aura like Vin Diesel can.

Just a reminder - this is a rumor, so let's not get carried away... just yet. It's not clear whether the script was part of the Brett Ratner-directed movie that got shelved, or if this one is a new project under a new director.

Rumor: God of War Movie Script Leaked?!

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#1 - JesusFMA - July 15, 2009 // 6:52 pm
JesusFMA's Avatar
Well, I just hope that it be a really good movie, because God of War was an incredibly awesome game, and not another videgame-based movie that suck. 'Cause I can't name a movie, at this moment, that redeems the videogame it was supposed to stand for.

And yeah!, Vin Diesel would be a excellent Kratos.