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63w ago - Hey all, we are still actively upgrading our Web site and Forums to the new PlayStation 4 style, but wanted to let those who are not yet members know that we have now ditched 100% of the ads for all Registered Users who are logged in!

Our goal is to enable members to post more frequently on our boards without having to navigate between advertisements to do so.

If you wish to view our site completely ad-free, simply Register at and then login to enjoy browsing the site with no advertisements at all!

Finally, if you have any other suggestions (once our current to-do list is finished) simple reply to this thread to share them and we will review and try to incorporate the ideas as time permits. Thanks to all of our new and returning visitors in advance for your feedback! is Now 100% Ad-Free for Registered Users, Suggestions

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#12 - StanSmith - 63w ago
StanSmith's Avatar
I think you know my suggestions. Its got something to do with the watermark.

#11 - Taufik - 63w ago
Taufik's Avatar
Delighted by the news of his ...

My network is limited and a lot of my work, can not always be online continuously.

I will always be a loyal member of this forum.

Hopefully always leading and the best forum in the WORLD.

Thank You

#10 - azoreseuropa - 63w ago
azoreseuropa's Avatar
Congratulations. Keep up the good work, PS3news team. Cheers!

#9 - Tek9 - 63w ago
Tek9's Avatar
This has always been the best ps3 scene site around period this site is still #1 for all the up to date console news.

#8 - OGFRAKISTAN - 63w ago
thanks now bring me the news when i don't need the ode to hack my 3k slim

#7 - hayman - 63w ago
hayman's Avatar
thank you really the best site around

#6 - misiozol - 63w ago
misiozol's Avatar
I can finally remove all blocked scripts on this page with out being overwhelmed by jumping windows and some colorful junk , that is good news thx.

#5 - PS4 News - 63w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ripplar View Post
Is there a way to put upcoming playstation releases on the home page or a permanent link to it?

Are you referring to the weekly PSN updates or the scene releases, as we have those on the main page side but are still in the process of updating them for the new site.

#4 - elser1 - 63w ago
elser1's Avatar
nice work boss

#3 - ripplar - 63w ago
ripplar's Avatar
Thank you ps3news. This will help a lot.

Is there a way to put upcoming playstation releases on the home page or a permanent link to it?