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May 2, 2011 // 8:28 pm - As we continue implementing ideas from the 2011 Suggestions, today we have added mobile support to our Forums through both Forum Runner and Tapatalk applications.

Forum Runner is an Android / iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad App that allows you to browse this forum using a native client.

This means faster access for those users since it only downloads the actual forum information rather than all the extraneous images that slow down the mobile connection.

Forum Runner is free for Forum viewing and $1.99 for the full featured app that allows posting among the extras.

Downloads: Forum Runner iPhone Client (Free Version) / Forum Runner iPhone Client (Full Version) / Forum Runner Android Client (Free Version) / Forum Runner Android Client (Full Version)

Tapatalk is a mobile forum app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry that supports all the usual forum functions plus full screen image viewing, image upload, caching (less reload), private messaging, all these features are accessible in just a few simple taps.

Downloads: Tapatalk for iPhone / Tapatalk for Android / Tapatalk for BlackBerry / Tapatalk for Other Devices (WebOS and Windows Phone 7)

If anyone wishes to give either a try, free free to reply to this thread from your preferred device and we will +Rep ya.. enjoy!

PS: The pics below are from Forum Runner which seems to work fine, if anyone has issues with Tapatalk post them below and we will investigate as time permits. Goes Mobile with Forum Runner and Tapatalk

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#8 - GrandpaHomer - May 3, 2011 // 7:09 am
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Looks good on Forum Runner, might even consider getting the full version even though I'd hardly ever use it anywhere outside of the WiFi coverage. Thanks for the new feature - I'm pretty sure this would be well appreciated by many.

#7 - PS4 News - May 3, 2011 // 6:45 am
PS4 News's Avatar
It's actually by choice because when the "brick" phones first came out I had one followed by the "slimline brick" and back then the average bills were $400-700 a month so that got the whole cell phone addiction/desire out of my system for good.

Ever since then I vowed not to spend a dime on a cell phone and to this day I kept that promise... maybe one day I will get another, but I don't forsee it happening in the near future as I generally get along fine without one (except for when we add mobile support to the site ).

#6 - adrianc1982 - May 3, 2011 // 5:31 am
adrianc1982's Avatar
harsh times I guess heehheheeh j/k

Congrats for the app!

#5 - elser1 - May 3, 2011 // 5:25 am
elser1's Avatar
not even a cell phone boss? LOL

thanks for the link..

#4 - PS4 News - May 3, 2011 // 4:19 am
PS4 News's Avatar
No prob Scaper, it's nice to know it will be put to use by some here and +Rep!

#3 - Scaper - May 3, 2011 // 4:16 am
Scaper's Avatar
I always user Google Reader to read the general news on my computer and I've been using Forum Runner on my iPod Touch for a while now to browse other forums. Thanks for adding this!

#2 - PS4 News - May 3, 2011 // 4:04 am
PS4 News's Avatar
You aren't alone hehe, I don't have one either so CJPC gave it a test run and took the pics for us!

As for getting Site News update alerts, the easiest way I can think of is to get an RSS reader of some type and add our feed to it:

If anyone who is more familiar with mobile devices (I don't even own a cell phone myself) has other ideas feel free to post them below!

#1 - elser1 - May 3, 2011 // 4:00 am
elser1's Avatar
thats great team. thanks so much for all the hard work you put into making this site what it is... well done.. i wish i had an ipod or smart phone to use this. so i'd download the iphone one for ipod touch? i may have to get one now.. LOL.. as i haven't owned one yet i'm not familiar with these programs, is it possible to inform you of new postings in news by alert somehow? that would be kool!!