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January 11, 2009 // 9:52 pm - Wii homebrew developer Crediar has released Preloader v0.25 today for the Nintendo Wii console.

To quote: Preloader 'replaces' the systemmenu (it's not really replaced, its main.dol is just renamed) with a simple loader which allows you to automatically load the HBC, a .dol you can install from SD or the systemmenu. It also allows you to use simple patches on the systemmenu. To start the installtion enter I raid u.

Download: Wii Preloader v0.25

Simply place the supplied hacks.ini in the root of the SD and enter the settings and then the hack settings to select the once you want to use. Once save settings is selected the hacks.ini is copied to the NAND and it's no longer necessary to keep the file on the SD card. The format is very simple and should not require any explanation.

Nintendo Wii Preloader v0.25 Now Available

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#2 - PS4 News - January 29, 2009 // 8:09 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by H1tman View Post
How do you install this?

You may wish to check here:

Also, for those following v0.26 is now available:


- added elf-loading (able to load white-linux!)
- added an option to load preloader or the systemmenu when the return-to state is used.
- made the systemmenu-hacklist scrollable allowing an unlimited amount of hacks
- rewrote the installer
- some interface improvements
- fixed the online update
- fixed return to systemmenu, which loaded preloader instead
- fixed shutting down from systemmenu, which loaded preloader instead
- fixed a bug in the "Install/Load File" menu that allowed to move out of the list
- fixed systemmenu loading for all systemmenu versions
- fixed the stuck-systemmenuhack-option bug
- fixed the bug that when a nunchuck was connected the systemmenu wouldn't load
- fixed a bug which caused the wii to freeze when power was pressed
- fixed a bug where only the first wiimote was powered down when the wii got turned off

#1 - H1tman - January 13, 2009 // 8:14 am
H1tman's Avatar
How do you install this?

It comes up with a warning and nothing.... Do I wait or have to press a button sequence?