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October 27, 2010 // 2:15 pm - According to several people on X-S (linked above), new XBox 360 protection appears to have been implemented in the leaked 12606 and Fall 2010 Dashboard.

The new security against piracy and video game backups is reported in Kinect and the Beta XBox 360 Firmware along with Fable 3 thus far.

I have condensed the information to avoid being too technical, and some of the information has been taken from other people's posts from some high rated members, some not.

• In a new XBox 360 Beta firmware that leaked to the Internet, Microsoft has appears to have added new checks to see if a disc is legit inside the disc drive.

• One of the games that has been found to be giving problems is the release of Fable III. Right now it's unclear which games, DVD models and/or modified FWs are exactly affected.

• The software appears to run some checks on the disc in a way not thought before, with responses that can cause your console to be perma-banned, due to failing "Failed AP25 Challenge", OFFLINE!

• Here's some details from Logic-Sunrise, to quote: "We told you about here is now some time reports a rumor of a new integrated protection in Dashboard KINECTS. It seemed that this new security is a continuous verification system firmware when connecting to live and preventing flashed consoles to connect to it...

After the launch yesterday of the latest beta DashBoard (K: 2.0.12606.0), the rumor seems to become reality and the result even worse than previously thought. Indeed flashed consoles that have this update is no longer possible to run backups and displays this error."

• Even people that are in the official beta program are having problems running backups of Fable III, and people that have ripped their legitimate copies using a "0800" drive have found that the copy circulating on the internet match the copies in stores.

• A user by the name of Unregistered007 ran some tests of his own on his 2 XBox 360s stated, "I have 2 Xbox360s:

1. Offline Elite never been on Xbox Live with LiteOn 8xxxx Series - The firmware is 1.5v as I have to use activation disc to boot Wave 4 Ripped Games. It has the first built of leaked Kinect Xbox 360 dashboard when the preview program started. Fable 3 works without problems. (Installs and Plays)

2. Xbox 360 Elite registered officially in the Beta Program with Latest Update. It has LiteOn 74xxx Series with LT firmware. (I just paid someone to do it yesterday). After the update the console was taken offline for good. Fable 3 gives the Unrecognized Disc Error. (This Console has the Latest Build - Oct 26, 2010)

Something definitely is going on. Lastly when I booted Fable 3 my profile became corrupt and I had to re-download it form Xbox Live."

• The new protections also appears to be corrupting profiles and causing corruption after playing back-uped games AND original games.

• Another post by Unregistered007 puts it into perspective with another view: "New Test and Update and Bad News: I am about to go to bed so I will keep it short.

Sorry but the ONLY Logical explanation is that Xbox360 OS has been totally updated - not just the numbers and not just the interface.

If you have the latest Xbox 360 dashboard(Kinect Beta) and Fable 3 then when you play Fable 3 some sort of check is being performed and the Xbox360 is creating a BAN flag-Profile is corrupted on the Spot.

Update: I think the Xbox360 OS is checking/Testing every copied or real game you put in the console. Its NOT Fable 3.


My Xbox 360 Elite with 8xxxx Series LiteOn firmware 1.5
Kinect Dashboard Version 2.0.12416 (Not officially in the Beta)
Fable 3 patched to Wave 3 works fine.
Fable 3 Wave 4 boots with Activation Disc.
Profile is not Corrupt. (Transferred the Profile to my Xbox Slim and it works)
Used xVal 2.0 and the Xbox360 is clean.

CONSOLE was used ONLINE since Purchase and after taking the Latest Update it was taken OFFLINE. My Xbox 360 Elite with 7xxxx Series LiteOn firmware LT (Paid someone to Flash 2 days ago)

Officially in Kinect Dashboard Version (Latest Version of the Beta)
Fable 3 patched to Wave 3 - Does Not work.
Fable 3 Wave 4 - Does Not Work.

At first I put in Fable 3 and then played Fallout NV. The Profile was corrupt when I transfered to my un-modded Xbox360 Slim. I thought may be it was corrupt because I placed in Fable 3. I then placed in my Clean Profile in the Xbox and just tested Fallout NV - Profile Corrupt. (I need to check if I log in my profile and log out without playing anything will it corrupt) Used xVal 2.0 and the Xbox360 is not Clean - AP 2.5 Test Fail.

As long as you keep your Xbox 360 off line your console will not be banned how ever the Xbox OS is Corrupting Profiles OFFLINE and that is not good. I think people should STAY AWAY form the Dashboard Update. I think MS has found a way to find and discomfort people who keep one Xbox for OFFLINE backups only.

If you console is flagged like mine and is Corrupting Profiles I don't think there is an easy fix for that. However I think someone might come up with a new firmware for the drives and pass the new Anti Piracy 2.5 scheme.

I just want my console un-flagged for now. I can still create an ONLINE repair Order for the Flagged 360. My conclusion is that, what ever checks MS was doing ON Live are being done inside the Xbox and once you connect the 360 to Live - GAME OVER."

New XBox 360 Protection in Leaked 12606 & Fall 2010 Dashboard

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