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314w ago - WTF you would say... after the previous countdown timer reaching to 0, another 199 hour countdown...

Now with new letters-numbers, it looks like E e 5 3... or 5 E 3 9, or P S 3.

Or E3? or MGS 5?...

Well, now I got all really mixed up. Any guesses?

BTW I can't post 4 images... so the last you'll have to see it for yourself.

Feel free to comment below!

New Kojima's Next Countdown Timer Revealed

New Kojima's Next Countdown Timer Revealed

New Kojima's Next Countdown Timer Revealed

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#7 - micky2be - 314w ago
micky2be's Avatar
I tryed to force the countdown to reach 0 without any result
the real Flash movie can be found at:

if you look at the last variable (lmt03) 2009 05 27 10:00:00

you can change it to make it reach 00:00:00 but nothing happens

#6 - residentour - 314w ago
residentour's Avatar
It is simple : 5 @ E 3 . It is sequently this. They will announce 5 at E3.

#5 - Rami2007 - 314w ago
Rami2007's Avatar
yeah it changed to only 10 hours !!!

back to 109 hrs again.. I think it was an error

#4 - Akko - 314w ago
Akko's Avatar
Oh my god! I was just randomly watching the timer, and it changed from 110:00:00 to 09:59:59!!! Skipped 100 hours...

#3 - hellospaceboy - 314w ago
hellospaceboy's Avatar
Could be a very long shot

SeE3 = Sony exclusive E3 (hopefully lol)
EeS3 = mirrored/rotated of above maybe...

#2 - zomgheals - 314w ago
zomgheals's Avatar

This is what I made >>

Top one is letters arranged for 'See at E3'
and bottom one is MGS3 referring to big boss for MGS5?

What you guys think the letters might mean?

#1 - PS4 News - 314w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Perhaps Metal Gear Solid 5 may be revealed at E3, and not via the Web site directly... but who knows!