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March 4, 2009 // 7:06 pm - A story reported earlier today via The Consumerist stated Microsoft had stopped offering free boxes to consumers to ship dead Xbox 360 consoles to replacement centers was recently cleared up.

Here's the official statement:

"Reports that Microsoft now requires consumers to find their own packaging for sending product to Xbox 360 customer support are inaccurate.

Our policy allows customers to choose whether they would like Microsoft to ship them a box and shipping label or print an electronic label and ship their console using their own packaging in an effort to speed up the repair process." – Microsoft Spokesperson

There you have it, if your system dies - hopefully sometime within the three-year warranty - Microsoft will still give you a free box, complete with packaging, to send your Xbox 360 off to virtual heaven.

Microsoft Still Offers Boxes for Dead Systems at No Charge

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#6 - djcaterd - April 10, 2009 // 4:59 pm
djcaterd's Avatar
my xbox just died and the told me to print the label but sent no box (probably due to cutbacks). Now its by request and even then they may not send you one.

#5 - kazman - March 6, 2009 // 3:59 pm
kazman's Avatar
no they are just plain white boxes. Microsoft doesn't recommend shipping the console in the original box. which is understandable even though who wants to steal a busted x box anyways.

#4 - DMagic1 - March 5, 2009 // 11:27 pm
DMagic1's Avatar
Is it the same as the retail box or is it something special about these?

#3 - kazman - March 5, 2009 // 2:15 pm
kazman's Avatar
my 2 year old 360 died 2 weeks ago and they shipped me a box. i guess i could have used the print your own but i have another 360. and anyways still to busy playing killzone 2.

#2 - anticon - March 5, 2009 // 1:19 pm
anticon's Avatar
I can definitely confirm that this is true I work at a ups store in Marathon, FL & we receive at least 1 box a week.

#1 - Tokyo Rain - March 5, 2009 // 4:43 am
Tokyo Rain's Avatar
As far as I know they've never made the boxes available in Australia.

North America only?