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January 19, 2010 // 6:30 pm - Today C4E has released iXtreme Lite Touch (LT) alongside JungleFlasher v0.1.70 for Microsoft's XBox 360 console.

Download: iXtreme Lite Touch (LT) / JungleFlasher v0.1.70

From the NFO File: After a long development and testing process we give you the first official release of the iXtreme LT

• Supports all Liteon Drives (74850, 83850V1, 83850V2, 93450)
• Totally re-written code optimised for minimal patching
• Whole banks of firware now untouched
• New Drive response timing engine accurately mimics original drive timings
• Full disc stealth used by default
• Waveless booting , disc images are assumed to be correct!
• Split-Vid used as default

Warning! Ensure all disc images are checked with abgx as LT assumes all stealth/ss/pfi/dmi is correct. Disc images must also be splitvid and preferred SS v2

Warning! Lt will not save you from being banned if console is already flagged by using a previous firmware or non-stealth discs

It is also advisable to apply all system updates before flashing with LT. All future console system updates (not game updates) must be applied with caution

JungleFlasher 0.1.70(85)

Lite On Support
• Auto-Load Lite-Touch firmwares

Calibration data
• spoof copies calibration data if present in source
• dummy from traget will place calibration data in dummy v2 at same location

Secret Inquiry
• performed before LO83info to identify 83 v2 and abort sequence
• performed for DVDKey, Lo83info and Dummy from iXtreme and added to dummy v2 to differientiate 83v1 & 83v2

Legacy cross spoofing
• bug fixed, now working, sorry ;(

New key locations
• long suspected 74 f/w's with 0x1a000 and 0x1b000 key sectors,
• both found recently, support added.

General Support

• Explorer contexts fixed for start in JF.
• Explorer contexts fixed for Win 7.

iXtreme Lite Touch (LT) and JungleFlasher v0.1.70 Released

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#5 - xUb3rn00dlEx - January 25, 2010 // 2:44 am
xUb3rn00dlEx's Avatar
This is great news! A lot of people have been waiting for the release and now have gotten it. As for the security issues, I don't plan on logging in until actual user experiences provide a very consistent analysis of what Microsoft has to say about this exploit. Although I never really found activate.iso a hassle, I guess it just resumes the normal function of insert and play

#4 - shummyr - January 23, 2010 // 7:21 am
shummyr's Avatar
Time will tell, but the reason the hitachi is always last for firmwares is because there are so many revisions out on the market currently.

#3 - jabberosx - January 22, 2010 // 9:34 pm
jabberosx's Avatar
Hey, any idea if the LT FW will be released for the hitachi drive as well ? As i have an XBOX with the Hitachi drive. I haven't modded it yet. But then if modding it is going to make it a banned console, I dont want to do it. LT seems to be the best bet.

#2 - cyberbob - January 20, 2010 // 1:48 pm
cyberbob's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by GotNoUsername View Post
Are there any news on if you always used perfect 100 agbx good dumps with the old firware if you have been banned?

No, i have test all my back-up with tabbx and i have been ban too.

I have test the ixtreme iXtreme LT and it work perfectly on my ban x360.

But how many time it will work? i think microsoft will wait 6-8 months before a new ban wave.pepole will think it wiil be safe to play on-lineand buy a new x360.

For me it's now x360 for offline gaming and ps3 for online gaming aven if the live was better than psn.

#1 - GotNoUsername - January 20, 2010 // 11:35 am
GotNoUsername's Avatar
Time will tell how stealth it is...

Are there any news on if you always used perfect 100 agbx good dumps with the old firware if you have been banned?