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April 17, 2009 // 2:05 pm - Hindus have reportedly urged Sony Corporation to withdraw the newly released "Hanuman: Boy Warrior" video game for PlayStation 2 console, saying it trivializes the highly revered deity of Hinduism.

To quote: We posted with some excitement a few weeks back that India had produced their first video game, Hanuman: Boy Warrior. Sadly, the game hasn't gone down too well with the Hindu community.

Rajan Zed, an acclaimed Hindu statesman, said that the game put players in control of the Lord Hanuman, while in reality believers put the destiny of themselves in the hands of their deities. He said the re-imagining the scriptures for commercial gain would hurt devotees.

No word on whether Sony are going to pull the game or not yet, but it's obviously a very sensitive matter for Hindus.

We can't help but think it's a shame though, we were genuinely really excited for India's developer's putting out their first release and, now this.

Hindus Want Sony to Pull Recent PS2 Exclusive Hanuman Game

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#16 - Dudemanword - August 10, 2009 // 7:09 pm
Dudemanword's Avatar
I myself think that this maybe a huge misconception. i am also a hindu and I agree that because Hanuman has been in movies and cartoons, he should be depicted on the next level of entertainment... video games. I remember in Prince of Persia, there were paintings of Hindu deities all over the place. I do not see that it is a big jump from seeing to actually playing as the god.

#15 - absarhegde - August 6, 2009 // 3:29 am
absarhegde's Avatar
i am a muslim, it doesnt mean that i'll enjoy the game because Lord Hanumaan is killing innocent people or he is dieing in the game. as said above its just a game, and everygame has a story in it, so children will come to know the truth and they will understand better this way...

the hard believers can be affected by this, if they take it negatively, but from my side i'll support this game because at the moment only hindus knows about LORD hanumaan's story, but with this game everyone will know what was he actually.. as there are loads of children who are crazy about such games..

thats all i can say...
once again i repeat, am not supporting this game because am muslim or something..
its just for entertainment and knowledge too

#14 - Great0ne - July 6, 2009 // 10:50 am
Great0ne's Avatar
Firstly I like to mention that I am a Hindu myself. I cannot comment on the physical game itself as I have not played the game. I think it is a good idea to teach the youth about religion and culture even if it through a game because they are the ones that are majority gamers.

But from what I have been reading in the previous posts, "Hanuman Kill innocent people or Haanuman can Die", I think this depends on the player. I suggest one should play the game before making comments of the incorrect depiction of Lord Hanuman. It all depends on what you as the player do in the game.

Movies and cartoons were made in the past of Hanuman - This is also a form of entertainment, so video games are not much different. I think this isn't about religion, it's more about an issue of video games.

#13 - saviour07 - May 25, 2009 // 6:41 pm
saviour07's Avatar
how have i just proved your point?
I'm neither Muslim, christian, Hindu or Jew

i am not saying the game itself should be banned or is offensive...
what i am saying is that your statement "other religions would want to kill people over it. I'm hoping the Hindus aren't like that, but I think Muslims would be." is offensive because you aren't talking about the game offending the people who's faith it is centric of, but are implying that followers of a completely different religious belief, would definitely kill over being offended by such a concept.

believing that others would go to such extremes over a game is stupid, and implying that Muslims would do such a thing IS offensive.

i care very little as to whether you think i am one of those people who take religion too seriously or not, because that is not my point here... my point is to show you that stating Muslims or any other religion would kill others simply because of whatever preconceptions you may have is offensive and is an opinion best kept to yourself

#12 - RobG - May 21, 2009 // 12:31 am
RobG's Avatar
You just proved my point.


#11 - saviour07 - May 20, 2009 // 11:22 pm
saviour07's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by RobG View Post
other religions would want to kill people over it. I'm hoping the Hindus aren't like that, but I think Muslims would be.

I can see this thread going downhill really fast. No offense intended towards anybody or any faith.


i think that is pretty narrow minded of you to imply that muslims that take offense to this would kill someone because of it!

its statements like that which can cause this thread to go downhill very fast, whereas other posters here are actually contributing to the discussion in terms of what either the gaming community/industry would do or what the hindu's who believe the game should not be released would do; you included an incredibly offenssive statement about a religion which has nothing to do with this thread

i know you say "No offense intended towards anybody or any faith" but you cant imply something like that and NOT cause offense

just think how to better articulate your post before submitting it please.

#10 - RobG - May 14, 2009 // 5:21 pm
RobG's Avatar

Why does it seem that Christians are the only "religion" that can laugh at themselves and their God, and know it'll be ok?

I can't help but think the other religions take themselves WAY too seriously.

At the same time, though, I can see zeedai's point... I suppose the more hard-core believers would find it offensive, just as many hard-core Christians (we call them bible-thumpers) would too. BUT, the difference, I think, is that while the hard-core Christians would simply find it offensive, other religions would want to kill people over it. I'm hoping the Hindus aren't like that, but I think Muslims would be.

I can see this thread going downhill really fast. No offense intended towards anybody or any faith.


#9 - sharks - May 2, 2009 // 4:23 pm
sharks's Avatar
they do, but not on the latest consoles, as their economy is not as strong, and the people experience the effects of economic recessions harder, but their conditions have been steadily improving in the last decade and more middle-income families now are able to afford nice cars, and other technological luxuries, like game consoles, mobile phones, etc.

the amount of people playing on the xbox360 is still higher there, but they have a much larger base for the ps2, which has been around since far longer. the ps3 is having a hard time getting adopted there, as it's still more expensive the xbox360 arcade and the bluray tech isn't something that's anywhere easy on the consumer's wallets. no pirated copy plays on the ps3, so the xbox360 is logically the perfect choice for the gamer with no means after saving up to buy their console. buy just the console and then buy cheap pirated games. that's like heaven's words compared to the ps3 and having to buy expensive original games only.

i watched this a while back on TV. i think it was the BBC. it must be somewhere on the net as well. google is your friend.

#8 - haseosilva - April 29, 2009 // 5:31 pm
haseosilva's Avatar
i am brazilian and don't speak portuguese as well, but i heard indian play videogame more than north americans..
it's that true ??

#7 - saviour07 - April 21, 2009 // 10:30 pm
saviour07's Avatar
some games are going to offend someone somewhere about something... thats a fact. and like someone posted before me has said, we will be left with nothing if all games are treated as demeaning and offensive material sony as a company (especially as they are also the publishes of this particular title) do have a responsibility to monitor and maintain the offensive material and i found this statement from them when talking about this game:
The game, Hanuman: Boy Warrior, which is currently only available in India, was developed with inspiration from the Hindu mythology and at every step, prominent Indian scholars were consulted.

The aim of the game has always been to encourage young Indians to celebrate the stories of Hanuman and to help bring these key lessons to life. The characterisation of Hanuman is true to the actual depiction in Indian mythology, both in terms of the look as well as the powers that he has.

The game has been developed with the Indian value systems and depicts a merciful winning of Good over Evil, something that is synonymous with Hanuman as a character. When creating the game, at no stage were any liberties taken to deviate from the divine power and nature of Hanuman.

The endeavor actually focuses on using the powerful interactive form to bring the various mythological characters of India to the Indian audience.

(quoted from here:

for me, this is acceptable. and if someone is offended by this material, then they have a right to voice that opinion.
but that doesnt mean that they are right...