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February 7, 2009 // 9:13 pm - The latest victim in the fanboys "Metacritic war" is Halo Wars, possibly one of the biggest causalities of the user ratings fanboy wars on Metacritic.

As of February 7th, the metacritic user score currently stands at 0.8/10 with 115 votes.

We also noticed Official Xbox Magazine has a review up, they gave it a 9/10, we're pretty positive a majority of those who gave it such a low user score haven't even played the demo let alone the final game.

We're not sure what console these fanboys came from, and frankly we don't care, it's obvious these scores will impact the buying decisions of a small group, why bother sabotaging what is shaping up to be a great game from a proven studio?

Halo Wars for XBox 360 Falls Victim to Metacritic Wars

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#3 - GZA1984 - February 8, 2009 // 8:37 pm
GZA1984's Avatar
I doubt it. Isn't it developed by Ensenble Studios? they're masters isn RTS games (Age Of Empires II ftw!)

#2 - KainZ7 - February 8, 2009 // 6:23 pm
KainZ7's Avatar
sabotage?? what if the game is real trashy?

#1 - jevolution - February 8, 2009 // 5:20 am
jevolution's Avatar
wow... that sucks... those kiddies need to grow up.