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March 18, 2009 // 7:29 am - This is a TUT to unbrick your Wii with the internal Rescue Menu. You can do this with and without Starfall.

Without Starfall you have to MOD a GC Controller to press all 4 ways of the digi pad to same time and you need a Original Game Disc with a update on it, higher as your installed FW. If you have a Modchip set to autoboot disc's than you can use a backup instead of a Original disc. For Starfall you dono need to MOD your GC Pad.

And you could use Backups if the disc size will match the 4,37GB. I self have testet the semi unbrick disc but it does not work without a modchip. There for I made the "Universal Unbrick Disc" becouse the disc will match the 4,37GB and it hase the FW 3.3 update + the WAD Manager as main.dol in the game partition.I will show you how to start both rescue menu's, with an without starfall and i will use the universal unbrick disc with starfall to upgrade (unbrick) my Wii to FW3.3.

When you could use it?

If you run into a brick and your Wii does not start the menu any more but will boot (green led and spinning drive) you have a good chance to be able to start the Wii internal rescue menu to install a FW update or the system menu.wad + IOS via WAD Manager what will unbrick your Wii if you lucky. If your Wii does not boot any more than your only chance will be Nintendo or a pre-dumped NAND image of your consoles flash chip.

Lets start with the normal Recue Menu Methode:

Open up your GC pad useing a triwing scruew driver.Before you open the pad turn around than open it.

Take the digi pad part of and in the center cut of the nipple.On my picture it will be allready cuted of.

Put all back together and connect it to port 4. The next step will be a little bit tricky. You need the correct timing to boot into
the Rescue Menu. Under FW 3.2 you will see nothing more than a blank black screen. On FW 3.2 and higher you will see a FW x.x down in the
right corner. Here a Vid of booting the Rescue Menu with normall method:

The Starfall Rescue Menu Methode:

To use this you must have installed the Starfall rescue menu hacks.Than just connect the GC pad to port 1 and press "Y" duoring bootup. Hier a Vid of it in action:

Unbrick your Wii:

Now we know both methodes i will go on and upgrade my CFW 3.2 Wii with my Universal Unbrick Disc to a FW 3.3 Wii.
Hier the Vid:

As you can see it hase not installed the update but started the WAD Manager.Even better becouse you could choose the wad you want to install!

My Universal Unbrick Disc will be set to autoboot and i forgot that this will disable the update and directly load the main.dol from the second partition.

This works on my Softmodded Wii with CFW and Starfall installed.It should also work with a Modchip (even with no autoboot seted) and no Starfall installed.

Anyway with the WAD Manager you will be secured but i want to find a IOS to set the partition to load what will be present on every Wii. Becouse last time i haved a wii without the IOS35 what the second partition of the uud will be load and i cant start the WAD Manager even the app reload the IOS249.

Before reloading IOS the IOS from the game partition must be present to be load into the ram.I will try it with IOS4 what will be the
update driver and present on every wii. If it works i will reupload the uud.

-Good Luck in Unbricking your Wii-

Guide: How to Unbrick Your Nintendo Wii Console

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#51 - tinbie - January 13, 2010 // 11:33 am
tinbie's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
At blaub:
You need a trucha able system ios to boot a hb disk without modchip. Plz read again.

At tinbie:
On which FW you are? Under 3.2 you see nothing in the RM. Only a black screen.

Yes I only get a black screen, but how do I continue then ?

I have no idea

#50 - cfwprophet - January 12, 2010 // 8:18 am
cfwprophet's Avatar
At blaub:
You need a trucha able system ios to boot a hb disk without modchip. Plz read again.

At tinbie:
On which FW you are? Under 3.2 you see nothing in the RM. Only a black screen.

#49 - tinbie - January 10, 2010 // 9:09 am
tinbie's Avatar
I can't get into recovery mode, is there anyone or a vid or something that shows the correct timing ?

I have powered up the wii, then I have a flash and de dvd spinning.
But there is also like 1 small beep when I power up the wii

#48 - Blaub - January 6, 2010 // 12:09 pm
Blaub's Avatar

i have brick my wii with a bad .wad-file. I can load the recovery menu, it shows me the FW 4.1E. I have no modchip or installed preloader on my wii. Only the HBC and updated system with wanikos updater.

When i insert the Disc with UUDv2/v4 nothing will happen. Why?! Because i have read that the disc will autoboot without a chip.

#47 - mcmental - January 5, 2010 // 8:56 pm
mcmental's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by chaosdes342 View Post
so when i turn on my wii. the green light goes on, but it doesnt load to the press a screen to continue. the wii remote wont connect. only when i turn it on but other than that nothing.

well i tried the Gamecube method and it didnt work. i tried to press the reset button and hold it but the preloader doesnt come up. idk what to do after this. i heard for some reason there is a button inside the wii that can reset your system. is this true?

i was also wondering if i can connect my computer to the wii and put the missing iso files i need to help start the wii.
is this possible?

i'm at the same point as you my good fella, am i best getting a official gc controller and trying it or even a savemii?

#46 - t11 - November 16, 2009 // 2:30 pm
t11's Avatar
hello everibody ,

i'm italian and sorry for my bad english. i have a 1 wii briked with 4.0e waninkoko and cios 249 installed with hbc but I havent installed a preloader, starfall or a bootmii and I have a savemi gamepad gc method fuctional.

can I repair my wii with universal unbreaker disk? I have this wii softmodded and the dvd drive spinning.

I have a wii with ios pached for toucha bug

and I havent any modchips

#45 - lornes - October 23, 2009 // 9:42 pm
lornes's Avatar
ok i have 2 wiis.

wii #1: 1 wii [model#RVL-001 (USA) serial# (LU50853014 6) is wiikey 1 with homebrew channel and bootmii.

wii #2: [model#RVL-001 (USA) serial# (LU55679559 7) is wiikey 2 no homebrew channel.Ok my problem is wii #1 is bricked.

this is what happend.. I updated got a semi brick. (NO SETTINGS) so i downgraded to 2.2 with the homebrw channel. (got my settings back) i had two dead channels. so i put channel remover in and that did not work. so i put super smash bros brawl (copy disk ntsc) and updated.

it updated all the way and then froze so i unplugged the wii. when i pluged back in it was black screen. (nothing) i put my sd card in and restart and bootmii comes i went to homebrew channel and i was back to my homebrew channel. now i went to sd card in channels to remove the homebrew channel. and it froze. s

o i deleted the homebrew channel threw channels. then i put in super smash bros brawl (copy disk ntsc) it asked me to update again. so i did. and the same thing. but now i can not get in to homebrew channel. (no backup nand) can i use wii #2s harddrive with wiikey2 to unbrick it by swiching it? or is there a solution that i can try. i am new at this..

#44 - rdreamernlcf - August 24, 2009 // 4:45 am
rdreamernlcf's Avatar
Well I used a autoboot patcher on an image of smash brothers brawl to get it to autoboot.. It didn't work for me though, it told me to insert my smash bros. disc. o.0 If I could just get that to work, I could wait out that smash bros. exploit that is supposedly on its way to the world.

I also read that Twilight Princess would load properly if autoboot-patched. Now only if someone would patch the game to automatically create the twilight hack effect when you talk to an npc or zone...

#43 - skankinjerk - August 22, 2009 // 6:02 am
skankinjerk's Avatar
hey everyone im on the same bill. 3.2U FW, TP and HBC installed.
bricked my wii by trying to install neogamma R5.wad
can get to rescue menu....

how do i get it to autoboot ?

#42 - playforfun - August 17, 2009 // 8:29 pm
playforfun's Avatar
I have bricked my Wii moded with Wiikey in cause of import game update
The console show a white screen with an error and talk about opera

So, if I good understand, I need :

1 gamecube pad connected on port 4
the unbrick utility

that's all ?

EDIT one interesting question

In case of console no moded, it work also ?

Thanks for precision