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October 16, 2007 // 10:34 pm - By now you've already read our news on GT 5 Prologue Release Date and Free Demo. Just as we expected, more and more information the new Gran Turismo for PS3 is slowly leaving Sony HQ. We've learned even more about the upcoming downloadable demo, but more importantly, what will make it into the final game.

Sony's production team has been making the rounds at different automakers, that's nothing too earth-shaking, but the big news is that Gran Turismo 5 will finally inject some personality into the series. We confirmed that the team is hitting carmakers and interviewing key individuals at Ford, Audi, Nissan and other firms for on-camera footage. These interviews will be used in Gran Turismo 5 as bonus footage about the world of cars. Think of it like Special Features or Deleted Scenes you'd find in a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray disc. This is without-a-doubt, what Sony has been touting as Gran Turismo TV.

How do we know this? We caught 2007 Formula D Champion, Tanner Foust, being interviewed on-camera by a production crew with Gran Turismo 5, in HD, running in attract mode. It's a bit strange seeing the GT camp breaking out of its shell and diving into a more tuner-ish world, but we're positive that this isn't the last drifter Sony plans on interviewing. From the sounds of it, Sony is busy breaking out of the stale mold and taking it to the next level.

GT Channel was also able to squeeze a little more information and confirm that the downloadable demo coming soon is actually something different than what was shown at Tokyo Motor Show. Our source wouldn't tell us what, but it will have some features that weren't shown back at TGS.

Again, Tokyo Motor Show is a week away and Sony has big plans on the 24th. We'll be on-hand at the show to catch a glimpse of exactly what's going on.

Check the video below, Tanner Foust hangs out near his Memphis Audio trailer while the Sony team preps to conduct a Gran Turismo TV interview. The GT4 seat and rig are there just for show, but Sony is indeed doing one of many interviews we'll see within the game as Gran Turismo TV. This is only but a single aspect of GT TV, some of the released screens, like the one shown above will use real footage from sources like GT Channel's own Best Motoring

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Gran Turismo TV Revealed!

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