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August 6, 2009 // 1:10 pm - Today some Final Fantasy XIV screens and details have surfaced from Dengeki PlayStation Magazine.

Most of them are simply landscape screenshots, however, in one the crystal structure is rumored to be a method of quick transportation from area to area.

The cards pictured are reportedly part of the Guild Reeve system, or Guild Leave as IGN has translated, and using it players combine cards into sets that determine their quests... with varying combinations resulting in different obstacles they will face.

To quote: "The first card contains a picture of Saint Danafen, the dragon killer. This type of card would require you to gather up your courage and overcome many difficulties while eliminating fearsome monsters. The card in the middle is of Saint Totoru the Rat-Hunter.

You will receive gratitude from people by helping them out with different tasks like getting rid of pests. Saint Murugin appears in the last card, forging a sword. This card has you focusing on polishing your skills in order to help out other people. Other Miqo'te and Hyuran saints can be seen on other cards."

Square Enix currently has Final Fantasy XIV slated for an international simultaneous release in 2010.

Final Fantasy XIV Screens & Details from Dengeki Magazine out!

Final Fantasy XIV Screens & Details from Dengeki Magazine out!

Final Fantasy XIV Screens & Details from Dengeki Magazine out!

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#2 - MIDASA - August 7, 2009 // 7:06 pm
MIDASA's Avatar
From the screenshots I think, that this will be the best looking MMORPG until now. If you look on the shaders of the tent or the suits of the Characters you see it^^

I really do think, that they used the "Crystal tools"-engine for that game.

#1 - ernvil - August 7, 2009 // 7:11 am
ernvil's Avatar
Can't wait for this game to be released already. Hopefully XIV doesn't come out before XIII. lol

But yeah those environment screen shots remind me of Oblivion so bad.