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July 9, 2009 // 7:16 pm - A fake Dragon Quest IX ROM is currently in circulation online, and those who download and run the ROM can expect to receive a bricked Nintendo DS system.

The supposed rom is actually DarkFader's slideshow bricker released a few years back.

To quote from Triforce of DS-Scene (linked above):

Just a heads up in case anyone sees this release and gets excited, Dragon Quest IX JPN DSi Enhanced NDS iND is fake. Someone released it on 2chan claiming to have dumped the game early providing this image as proof the game was out.

In fact if you choose to check it out for yourself you will see it's actually a hentai slideshow called DS Owata. Images below are censored due to the graphic content.

I guess this was to be expected and has happened with a few other major releases in the past. The fake Zelda that retrohead (ds-scene's founder) released a couple of years ago springs to mind. Skip the small fry!

I cant believe I didn't notice this at first, I think this is actually the slideshow bricker DarkFader released years ago.

Fake Dragon Quest IX ROM Bricks Your Nintendo DS Console

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#3 - gygabyte666 - July 10, 2009 // 9:13 am
gygabyte666's Avatar
This sucks for people who are out looking for the game.

However, I love the edits, due to 'graphic content', but somehow the rest stayed in there. Not graphic enough? Sorry for the crappy language but c'mon, you know you were thinking the same thing

#2 - shummyr - July 10, 2009 // 5:52 am
shummyr's Avatar
this isnt good news at all..

#1 - KainZ7 - July 10, 2009 // 4:58 am
KainZ7's Avatar
i have those dojinshi!! lol