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May 14, 2008 // 7:12 pm - When a new issue of EGM drops, most of the time we tend to scroll right to the rumors and look for the newest bit of gossip. This issue in particular has some very interesting tid-bits.

First, EGM is reporting what we've been speculating for a very long time now: Bioshock is heading to the PlayStation 3 in September, and will come complete with all of the game's downloadable content, as well as improved visuals. This is a topic we've been talking about since before the game launched on the Xbox 360 last year.

We've long believed the game to exist somewhere within Irational Games (now 2K Austin), seeing as how development of Bioshock began for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as indicated by an early press release for the game. Now we have to wait and hope that EGM, or their sources are right about this.

Another notable rumor is that the Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bundle is going to be extremely limited, so if you don't secure yourself a pre-order sometime soon, you may very well be out of luck. So if you've yet to grab yourself a PlayStation 3, why not pre-order the year's best damn bundle before they're all gone?

And please don't pre-order these with the intention of re-selling them on eBay or something, if the bundles end up becoming a rarity and being worth something, it won't happen overnight.

Finally, the best news of it all... how does a Grand Theft Auto massively-multiplayer online game sound? Go on, take a minute to lift your jaw up off the floor, to change the pants you've just wet, and to wipe the tears of joy off your face. We know. We know.

It's insanity, but we at PSXE, have personally heard the same rumor some time ago (when EA proposed to buy out Take-Two), and so we feel it may have some credence.

Other rumors included in this issue of EGM do and don't pertain to Sony, but we'll list them anyways:

- Bioshock 2 to be revealed Early Fall
- Halo Prequel for Holiday 2009, Third-Person Shooter
- New 3D Castlevania for PS3 & Xbox 360. Separate adventure for Nintendo DS and Wii.
- Max Payne 3, Red Dead Revolver 2, LA Noire Coming to X360
- Persona 4 for PS2 to arrive in North America in 2008, PSP and PS3 Personas in development
- RockBand 2 coming with new gameplay modes

EGM Rumors: GTA Massively Multiplayer Game; Bioshock for PS3!

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#1 - Muzikdude - May 17, 2008 // 12:43 am
Muzikdude's Avatar
Damn.. I'm more hyped up about Bioshock 2, new Castlevania, and the Rock Band 2 info more than anything. Even though it's rumors, it's still awesome to think about!