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May 17, 2008 // 6:15 pm - Namco Bandai has released a new video gameplay for there upcoming game DragonBall Z: Burst Limit. There isn't much I can't tell you (other than the fact its the final fight between Goku vs Frieza), you're just going to check out the video for yourself.

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit is complete with online battles, 3D graphic, enhanced playable characters, realistic battle stages, and much more. The story takes place from beginning of the Saiyan Saga to the end of the Cell Saga.

The video game based off the popular anime show Dragon Ball Z, the game is releasing for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Video is below, courtesy of YouTube- enjoy:

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#4 - Sakagarai - July 21, 2008 // 8:32 am
Sakagarai's Avatar
Unfortunately I wasn't able to buy it and MGS4 at the same time, but now I am definitely thinking about picking it up. I'm a big DBZ fan.

#3 - alemetal - July 14, 2008 // 2:17 am
alemetal's Avatar
Another exciting game DragonBall Z, as always, I catch up with the little progress that we left off at. Namco Bandai always offers us new emotions, I want to play this game as soon as possible!

#2 - moguri90 - May 18, 2008 // 12:59 pm
moguri90's Avatar
i cant wait for dragon ball!!! this game is amazing!!!and online game is amazing!!!
i hope that online experience will be better than tekken 5

#1 - NikosLawyer - May 18, 2008 // 11:34 am
NikosLawyer's Avatar
Really can't wait for this, Me and my mate used to play it back on the PS2. Such an awsome game! Best fighter out there IMO