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March 29, 2009 // 11:23 am - At a presentation about the visual technology behind the development of "Dead Rising 2," the game's character art lead, Izmeth Siddeek, said that the development team at Blue Castle games is preparing for players to encounter an unprecedented zombie horde.

To quote: "Dead Rising 2 deal[s] with the rendering of the greatest number of characters ever seen in a video game," he said. "Everything else needed to be subordinated to this requirement."

His presentation focused on how software called Mental Mill enabled Blue Castle to efficiently render many characters in visually distinct ways.

The software is helping the makers of this zombies-in-a-casino action game to present a large number of characters without losing graphical quality and without having to take shortcuts that would put the game's zombies in a small number of outfits.

In a postscript to the presentation, Laura Scholl, product manager for Mental Mill, said that Siddeek said that the "Dead Rising 2" development team is preparing to have as many as 6000 characters on the screen. Siddeek did not say whether that figure was accurate.

Dead Rising 2 to Have the Most Onscreen Characters Ever - 6000?

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#3 - shummyr - May 22, 2009 // 9:16 am
shummyr's Avatar
this looks like an awesome game!

#2 - SuicideSpartan - May 21, 2009 // 1:20 am
SuicideSpartan's Avatar
I will say I do enjoy more than 4 enemy's on screen at a time like most games.

#1 - eggman9990 - March 29, 2009 // 1:10 pm
eggman9990's Avatar
All I can say is that, whilst impressive, is this needed? I'm interested as to what this adds to the gameplay, or whether it will just turn it into a grindfest. The current MT Tools engine used by Capcom for their next gen games is holding its own, and I'd like to see what it does for the game it was originally designed for.