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June 11, 2008 // 8:45 pm - When NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX 280 hits e-tailers next week, gamers who are running 30 inch displays with a 2560x1600 resolution, will finally be able to play Crysis with a solid framerate.

In order to do so it will require 2 GeForce GTX 280 video cards running in SLI. As for the many PC gamers who own 24" displays (1920x1200 resolution), just one GeForce GTX 280 should suffice for smooth gameplay, but don't expect to be able to crank all of the settings.

Although this is happy news to finally be able to play Crysis with high resolutions and high FPS, I can't help but wonder why it still requires more than the best of the best to play with settings on max.

Poor game programming? Lame video drivers? Weak GPUs? Now that the patches for Crysis have come to end...will we ever know? Truly it is baffling to me that even with my Quad SLI setup I only average around 45 FPS with my 1920x1080 resolution. Every other game I play with this setup can run perfectly, but that has not been the case with Crysis.

Next week I should be getting a couple of GeForce GTX 280 cards for testing and personal use. Hopefully the results will be fantastic.

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Two GTX 280 are enough for Crysis

"If you are hoping that a single GTX 280 will get you to more than 1920x1200, don't kill the messenger as I have to regrettably disappoint you.

Nvidia claims that a single GTX 280 will be enough for Crysis at 1920x1200 that is a standard resolution for most of the 24 inch LCD's.

If you have 30 inch display that supports 2560x1600 you will need two GTX 280 but again we heavily suspect that you won't be able to play with FSAA 4X enabled.

This would be too much even for two GTX 280 cards. It becomes ridiculous as two of these cards combined have 2.8 billion transistors and they will still not be able to bring Crysis to its knees. The best you can hope at 2560x1600 is 2X FSAA with these two cards.

We've had a chance to play Crysis with a single card and we can tell that 1920x1200 FSAA 4X with beta drives bring the card to its knees. Ouch, isn't it."

Crysis at 2560x1600 with 2 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 in SLI

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#3 - b20vtechb - June 17, 2008 // 9:13 am
b20vtechb's Avatar
i'm kinda suprised there new card isn't more powerful, i was expecting a little more from them.

#2 - MetalmanPS3 - June 16, 2008 // 8:34 am
MetalmanPS3's Avatar
jesus that would be one crazy set up. I was amazed with that peripheral vision type monitor alienware was bragging about last year.

#1 - rawright - June 14, 2008 // 1:15 am
rawright's Avatar
pc games themselves set the standard for pc specs. it seems like with every high-profile game that releases there are 4 or 5 video cards that release within the same week.

remember the DOOM 3 and Half-Life 2 releases? i believe SLI technology came out just to support these games at that time... crysis IS a beautiful game... far cry 2...