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March 16, 2009 // 6:56 pm - Sanzaru Games President Glen Egan provided confirmation today for those still with PS2 consoles that Secret Agent Clank is on the way.

To quote: My name is Glen Egan, I am the President of Sanzaru Games, a San Mateo, CA based independent video-game studio. We are just putting the finishing touches on Secret Agent Clank for the PlayStation 2.

The debonair spy will be bringing his unique brand of Clank-fu to the PlayStation 2 on May 26, 2009 and I just wanted to use this brief post to tell everyone a little bit about our studio and the game.

Seven of us started Sanzaru Games in January 2007 with a mission to bring together a group of talented individuals to share a common vision to develop fun to play, visually stunning and technically spectacular console games. Over the last couple of years the team has grown to nearly 30 and will continue to expand as more talented and experienced developers are drawn to the studio.

The name Sanzaru refers to the famous 3 wise monkeys - the founding philosophy for Sanzaru Games is that great games are a function of good design, beautiful, clear visuals and a strong technology base to deliver these. Should any one of these three pillars be missing then the game will suffer.

We are all huge fans of the Ratchet and Clank series of games and when Sony talked to us about helping bring Secret Agent Clank to the PlayStation 2 we jumped at the opportunity. Insomniac has created one of the most awesome and enduring console game experiences ever and it has been an honor to help add to the series!

High Impact Games put together an awesome game and we wanted to make sure that all the great gameplay moments from Secret Agent Clank were preserved from the original PSP title. We have therefore focused a great deal of our time and energy on rebuilding all the levels, characters and effects to take advantage of the additional power of the PlayStation 2. Here are a few screenshots to give you an idea of the visual changes.

Also given the different controller we wanted to bring back the lock-strafe camera mode seen in previous games, since a lot of us have enjoyed using it to great effect to blow stuff up over the years! We hope you all have as much fun playing the game as we have had making it, and we look forward to working with Sony to bring you more action, adventure and blowing-stuff-up good times in the future!

Confirmed: Secret Agent Clank Coming to Sony's PS2 Console

Confirmed: Secret Agent Clank Coming to Sony's PS2 Console

Confirmed: Secret Agent Clank Coming to Sony's PS2 Console

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#3 - m1sterb0b - May 4, 2009 // 8:57 pm
m1sterb0b's Avatar
I do wish that they would put some thought into continuing the ratchet and clank games on the PS2. I have yet to get a PS3 due to the price (college student and all).

#2 - tango602 - April 30, 2009 // 4:00 pm
tango602's Avatar
this is great to hear, as I was beginning to think that there were no new PS2 games in development

#1 - CrashFreak - April 27, 2009 // 9:27 pm
CrashFreak's Avatar
It does sound like the development team is putting some effort into the port to the PS2. Unlike Size Matters, which felt like a direct port. Only thing changed seemed to be the controls and probably the graphics a bit.

Can't wait for this though! I've played the PSP demo and loved it.