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December 23, 2009 // 9:31 pm - Fans of one of the most-popular online multiplayer games ever can now get the entire collection of Call of Duty: World at War downloadable maps in one shot with the Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack Bundle.

Available starting today in North America on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft for 2000 Microsoft Points and on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system for $24.99.

The bundle from developer Treyarch and Activision Publishing, Inc. features the complete collection of nine multiplayer maps and three co-op Zombie maps from Call of Duty: World at War Map Packs 1-3.

Press Release: SANTA MONICA, Calif., Dec. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Fight through war-torn Berlin in "Nightfire," battle through the jungle and waterfalls of "Banzai," and defend an armored island in "Battery." Zombies and Hell Hounds attack in "Verruckt" (Zombie Asylum), "Shi No Numa" (Zombie Swamp), and "Der Riese" (Zombie Factory). Survive against the onslaught of Zombies with the help of Perks-a-Cola machines, Monkey Bombs, and the powerful Wunderwaffe DG-2.

The release of the bundle begins today with worldwide availability on Xbox LIVE and in the United States and Canada on the PlayStation 3 system. It will launch in Europe on the PlayStation 3 system starting on January 7th.

Call of Duty: World at War is rated "M" (Mature) by the ESRB, 18 by the PEGI and 15 by the BBFC for Intense Violence, Strong Language, Blood and Gore. For more information and exclusive updates about Call of Duty: World at War, visit

Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack Bundle is Now Available

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#3 - GreenSpider - January 29, 2011 // 2:47 pm
GreenSpider's Avatar
anybody can give the links of this maps? i love zombie mode.

#2 - ProSkillz21 - December 26, 2009 // 12:05 am
ProSkillz21's Avatar
Sorry, but they are not. This is just a cheap ploy by Treyarch to get some final cash. Seeing as the maps were thirty dollars originally, you only save 5 dollars, and its been what about half a year since the last pack was released.

Not to mention that besides one or two multilayer maps, the only thing that was really good was zombies. Seriously you are better off just passing this up if you haven't bought these already, and just buying modern warfare 2, or getting these off one of your friends.

#1 - jamesdandy - December 25, 2009 // 3:19 am
jamesdandy's Avatar
These maps are totally amazing! I already played them.. They are so worth it!