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October 30, 2009 // 5:38 am - According to MW2Blog (linked above), the inevitable has happened for one of this season's big XBox 360 videogame releases... the XBox 360 (PAL) version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has apparently been leaked 11 days early on the Internet.

A screenshot (below) shows what appears to be a number of the achievements and many of the various chapter names for the game.

For those wondering, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 officially releases on PC, PS3 and XBox 360 on November 10, 2009.

To quote: "Still eleven days until the hype train comes to a stop and MW2Blog has received word that Modern Warfare 2 is 'already ripped and ready for upload region free PAL.'

We can not vouch for the authenticity of these claims but if the images below are to be believed there will be a lot more spoilers in the upcoming days."

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for XBox 360 Leaked Early

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#2 - livpool - October 30, 2009 // 11:22 pm
livpool's Avatar
yea the first ripped copy was a bad rip so they took down all the threads and are waiting for the proper rip. but i think its out now, im gonna go check. not sure if im allowed to post the site, so i won't.

edit: dont worry, the site is in the image above.

#1 - craig2k9 - October 30, 2009 // 2:59 pm
craig2k9's Avatar
i havent seen this on the internet anywhere to d/l so it may be fake (or may not) if its not fake and it has been leaked then it sucks for all us ps3 users =( suppose its good in a way for the x360 lovers...

i am reallly sorry for the double post but thought ALOT of people would be interested in this...

This game was leaked onto the internet on October 30, 2009

Q: Will I get banned for playing it early?
A: It is possible. People were banned for playing Forza 3 early because it was a known review copy, and MS could tell the difference. Personally I'm gonna play it online.

Q: I'm new to this, what do I need to play a leaked game that I download online?
A: Flashing your Xbox 360 Beginner FAQ (Please Read First)

Q: But it doesn't pass the ABGX test!
Well no crap, it isn't out yet. You're playing at your own risk.

Q: What wave is it?
A: Wave 4

Q: I'm on iXtreme 1.51, can I play it?
A: Yes, just put it in and boot it.

Q: I'm on iXtreme 1.6, can I play it?
A: Yes, but you'll have to put in the activate.iso disc before you play it. This disc just disables the stealth checks.

Q: Isn't there a new firmware out so I don't have to use that disc?
A: Yes, but only for BenQ and Samsung so far. Look here.

A copy was already uploaded, but without stealth files.
A clean copy is being uploaded and will be posted as soon as it is done

this was taken from here:
Update: MW2 Consoles have been shipped out to Chicago! They are currently trying to find someone who can rip games in the Chicago area.