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April 30, 2010 // 8:15 pm - Today Activision has officially announced Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops, which is available for pre-order and slated to arrive on video game consoles around November 9, 2010.

The official Web site has now gone live, and UK retailer GAME has revealed CoD7 will be set, to quote, from "Cuba to the Arctic and the jungles of Vietnam."

Treyarch previously developed Call of Duty: World at War for the Nintendo Wii, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, however, no platforms have yet been confirmed for the upcoming release.

Finally, the trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops will debut later tonight on GameTrailers TV.

Press Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops Goes Hot on November 9, 2010 Fans to See Sneak Peek Tonight of the Most-Anticipated Entertainment Title of the Year

SANTA MONICA, Calif., April 30, 2010 - DECLASSIFIED: Prepare for the follow-up to the biggest entertainment launch in history: on November 9th Call of Duty(R): Black Ops(TM) will introduce fans to the elite world of Black Ops. Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) and award-winning developer Treyarch will take players behind enemy lines in an entirely new chapter in the groundbreaking and record-setting, No. 1 first-person action series of all-time.

"We can't wait for our community to experience Call of Duty: Black Ops," said Mark Lamia, Studio Head for Treyarch. "We have focused our entire studio on this game, with dedicated multiplayer, single-player and co-op teams creating the most intense, gripping and riveting experience possible for our fans on all fronts."

For more information, visit immediately following the game's appearance on GameTrailers TV on Spike this Friday and also, via Twitter at JD_2020.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Announced, Arrives on November 9, 2010

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#16 - D3M0N2009 - May 13, 2010 // 3:05 pm
D3M0N2009's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Awayze View Post
It better not be buggy like COD WaW with the super hard Veteran mode, i actually gave up on it before the Heart Of The Reich(?) mission.

It better be 1080p as MW2 I think is 1080p, well my TV says it is anyway.

MW2 is 1024 x 600 (600P), just unscaled by the PS3 to 1080P.

Quote Originally Posted by inginear View Post
that's why a lot of the graphic processing duty is passed to the spes by first party developers. the rsx is only used for outputting the data that was previously rendered/processed by the spes.

the ps3 is more than capable of processing and outputting full 1080p games. the programmers just have to be efficient in the right areas to give you the graphics you are looking for.

Ok, lets take a look at arguably the best looking game on the PS3 - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, now the developers stated that "Uncharted 2 uses between 90 to 100% of the Cell's processor" assuming that the engine is well optimized (which it is since the engine was created for use with the PS3 only), and that these figures are indeed correct, it would be impossible to render the same graphically stunning game at 1080P, hence the native 720P support.

The cell processor is not as powerful as everyone makes it out to be, it is pretty weak when compared to the raw power of a GPU, or even today i7 CPU's. Hell in [email protected] it only manages ~145 NS/Day whereas a average GPU lets say an 8800GT (released in 2007) pushes ~440 NS/Day.

#15 - Awayze - May 3, 2010 // 12:54 am
Awayze's Avatar
It better not be buggy like COD WaW with the super hard Veteran mode, i actually gave up on it before the Heart Of The Reich(?) mission.

It better be 1080p as MW2 I think is 1080p, well my TV says it is anyway.

#14 - Mantagtj - May 2, 2010 // 7:34 pm
Mantagtj's Avatar
I can't wait to see what the MOH guys offer tho I did enjoy airborne (it was awhile ago) but I have been a battlefield fan all the way after blowing things up with tanks and planes and helicopters with LARGE maps its my thing sorry!

#13 - foresttree1 - May 2, 2010 // 6:05 pm
foresttree1's Avatar
with all the success that the call of duty franchise has gotten especially with the modern warfare series i wonder if their rival the medal of honor series will ever be as popular again.

#12 - xUb3rn00dlEx - May 2, 2010 // 3:46 pm
xUb3rn00dlEx's Avatar
This reminds me of B.L.A.C.K back on the previous gen systems. That was a good game IMO, so I will be interested to see how this one fares against it. As for the 1080p, I'm pretty sure it will be 720p because of the time frame that this game was made in. IMO it's not long enough of a window for them to push the resources to make it 1080p, as the development of those titles geared specifically at 1080p is a lot more resource consuming. Would be nice, however it is highly unlikely.

#11 - PS4 News - May 2, 2010 // 4:37 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by LIL935 View Post

I have now added the trailer embedded to the first post as well.

#10 - kablooey - May 2, 2010 // 4:14 am
kablooey's Avatar
So the Cod series are boring all of a sudden? Why is that? CoD is one of th e best FPS in the market (Killzone 2 is the other), specially the WW II games. I liked them more than MW.

#9 - heartagram62 - May 1, 2010 // 8:07 pm
heartagram62's Avatar
Everybody is saying they are bored with CoD yet they will all buy this, myself included. But having said that, I do belive this is released at a similar time to the new Medal of Honor.

#8 - Okiri - May 1, 2010 // 7:24 pm
Okiri's Avatar
More CoD? I'm getting tired of CoD and their developers.

#7 - Mantagtj - May 1, 2010 // 5:47 pm
Mantagtj's Avatar
yeh, this is just gonna be another COD game, blah blah, so chavvy, plus remember this is just world at war developers not the decent developers treyarch BAH!