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October 3, 2009 // 6:40 pm - Hi guys, I can't stress it enough how excited I am to start my own business. Finally - I mean I bought everything I need and have full copyrights + patents.

Anyways - Burn2u (linked above) is very simple and a great program for the people with slow Internet connections, or just don't want to waste space on their computer.

What we do is simple: You send us your order form. You fill out your info. You give us 10 URLs, we download them for you, and burn them on the media type of your choice.

That's right, CD/CD-RW/DVD+R/DVD-R/DVD+RW - Coming soon are flash drives and memory cards.

We download the files you sent us and burn them to CD. We then send you an invoice via PayPal (more payment methods coming soon!) and once you've paid, we send you the CD/DVD(s) in the mail!

It's a flat-rate price for unlimited orders. If you order 20 links, or 30, we use 3 to 10 cds for it, or dvds, it's still the same price for shipping!

You get 3 free backups, just in case you break or damage a cd, you can request another by email.

And, not only that - We send you AIM/MSN/YM alerts for your download progress. Be sure to check our terms page!

I'm always updating my site for bugs/etc. You will probably not notice any changes but I am always editing it to make it just right.

Note: all code, graphics, scripts, and everything, I made myself. Yes - Everything. So don't say I stole it from somewhere. I knew one day I would have to learn all these languages. But this is mostly simple stuff here - so the layout is simple. Just for the slow connections!.

If you have a bandwidth cap, FORGET IT. Don't download a huge ISO and wait 2 weeks on dialup or have it fail over and over on DSL/CABLE.

Let me know how I did guys. I paid just over $1200 to get this complete. I bought domain certification so no one can rip/copy me. Also patents so if ANYONE makes anything like mine, I will sue them for EVERYTHING they have.

Easily. Patents are hard to get and copyrights are expensive. But oh well - It's done and if someone else tries it, they're done.

BTW: It's not IE friendly, but I don't know what exactly I changed.. It will be fixed soon. Leave a comment on the Questions/comments page!

Burn2u Service - Your File Downloads Sent to You By Mail

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#37 - Padawan Gatsu - October 13, 2009 // 1:07 am
Padawan Gatsu's Avatar
I have a 5gb cap each month as all I can get is crummy 3g for high speed internet so this would come in handy. I joined for Playstation news and found this nice little service!! I can get Ubuntu now and Knoppix as I have been putting them off for a few weeks now. I miss true broad band.

#36 - Shadowsfall - October 12, 2009 // 12:54 pm
Shadowsfall's Avatar
Hi Ionbladez,

Notcied you mentioned about also using USB flash drives
Have you got the hardware to do this yet?

I might be able to help
Get in touch via my email

#35 - ionbladez - October 6, 2009 // 2:28 am
ionbladez's Avatar
I think I covered as much as possible on the terms. On the Welcome page I do believe I have torrents allowed:

We download anything you want (Check our terms for any exceptions!)

Our downloading service doesn't store files for you - In fact: We mail them on a CD or DVD to your house.
We support any file type. Even torrents!
We download your stuff, so you don't have to!
Don't waste disk space saving temporary files while you download, let us download your stuff, and mail you it on a CD or DVD!!

Also - The pricing is stated on the Welcome page - Your shipping charges are calculated at the time of order.

The media is listed as PER CD - And I do believe I have that listed on my page as well.

I've noticed most of you guys are using Firefox, which is great- and now it's IE friendly as well thanks to gtxboyracer.

I've done some HEAVY modifications to his original template but credit should go to him for organization.

So if you are ready to order - Remember just click ORDER CD/DVD.

Thanks a lot for all the comments guys!

#34 - mattfish - October 6, 2009 // 1:29 am
mattfish's Avatar
i am very interested in using this service that you offer. i am happy that you ship to Australia.

#33 - plains203 - October 6, 2009 // 12:30 am
plains203's Avatar
Your pricing is not clearly stated on the order form.... You state different prices for each media but does that price include shipping and downloads etc?

Also you say you can download anything etc except illegal stuff, do you download torrents? Anyhow interesting concept. I think you need to make your pricing clearer...

#32 - ionbladez - October 5, 2009 // 11:21 pm
ionbladez's Avatar
Well, I really wouldn't have a need to talk with my ISP for one main reason:
I have about 5.6 TB of space on my server here and I download files that are 700MB+ all the time.

Usually these files, which are current linux ISO distros (you know, what if one fails? lol) are downloaded by my auto dl php script, directly to this server (the one I am typing this message from.)

So my ISP is pretty much aware I will be downloading files all the time.
And 50MBP/S - That's really only about 3 or 4 MegaBYTES per second.
decent speed, I just love how ISPs use BASE10 math for their speeds, It makes stuff sound bigger - Just like how Apple ditched Base2 and is now using Base10 for their HD space and RAM, Go figure - Those are *cough* LIMITED * cough*.
Also I've seen my site stats, and some of the visitors are using Macs, I've noticed the color depth is only 24Bit. all the windows and linux users are on 32Bit. That's about 16K more colors than a mac.

Anyways sorry if I am speaking my mind - just wanted to say it lol.

I've also completed my "Order completion script" which users can input their order ID and it will post it to my log. Also soon will send an email to the user about what their status currently is.

#31 - mrgreaper - October 5, 2009 // 8:45 pm
mrgreaper's Avatar
about 6 months back when i got 50meg broadband, i debated something similier , the idea in raw form was someone posted a blank dvd, a return envolope, a list of download links and a couple of quid postal order for my time. main purpose being to help those that dont have access to the speed that i do. i chated to virgin media about it and they said if i went ahead they would cut my internt off (they were polite) even if i droped the couple of quid postal order. the idea stoped there

i wsh you luck ofcourse but i sincerly hope you are not charging much for the service (disc + postage + token gesture) and that you have spoken to your isp about it

#30 - toothpick245 - October 5, 2009 // 6:22 pm
toothpick245's Avatar
nice bro congrats on the new business goodluck in the recession

#29 - ionbladez - October 5, 2009 // 5:05 pm
ionbladez's Avatar
Lol. Actually yes - My original one looked a little more "flashy".

I wanted the background colors to be transparent, but I may fix that some other day.

Other than that I'm happy with what I have right now, thanks again man.


Well, I am officially 100% happy with my layout and do not intend on modifying it for quite a while now.

So if more people would like to order, know that I won't be changing anything!

Especially since I added more countries, You may now also order up to 25 links.
The comments page was fixed, and it was a little choppy. But everything is working now and I'd like to get started for real.

So orders from Australia? You got it!
Go for it guys - I'll be buying more CDs soon, lol.

#28 - gtxboyracer - October 5, 2009 // 9:21 am
gtxboyracer's Avatar
Hey - i noticed you changed the image for the menu items - do you think that one looks better?