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Borderlands Patch v1.20 Update Hits PS3, XBox 360 and PC

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278w ago - Gearbox Software has released a Borderlands patch v1.20 update today for the PlayStation 3, XBox 360 and PC.

The patch is 53MB in size and includes many fixes, as detailed below from ennui on their official boards (linked above):

Solved Issues - these issues should no longer occur

Issue: PSN friends list not functioning properly
Status: Fixed!
Verified Solution: As of 10/20/09, an update with a hot fix for this issue has been applied already on the back-end, user doesn't have to do anything for this to function properly now - just play the game!
Update: We have received some information that this is not working for all players and is still affecting a small subset. We are attempting to find the source of the continuing problem for these users

Issue: PSN server browser takes a long time to populate server list
Status: Fixed!
Verified Solution: As of 10/22/09, an update with a hot fix for this issue has been applied already on the back-end, user doesn't have to do anything for this to function properly now - just play the game!

Issue: PC locking up when accessing server browser
Status: Fixed!
Solution: A hotfix for this issue has been discovered and is being applied. This hotfix is invisible - users don't have to do anything for this to function properly. You should not experience this problem beyond 10/28

Known Workarounds - we have identified some workarounds that might help you with a few issues. NOTE: These are immediate, short term workarounds. These are not final solutions, but are procedures you can use if you experience a problem instead of waiting for an update. They are not guaranteed to work, but might help you solve your problem.

Issue: PC players experiencing difficulty connecting to multiplayer games
Solution: You need to do a few things if you are experiencing this problem:

* The host must have these four ports forwarded:
7777 (TCP/UDP)
28900 (TCP)
27900 (UDP)
28910 (TCP).
You can find out how to do this at http://www.portforward.com/.

* All players need to allow the game in the Windows Firewall, whether you have forwarded ports or not. You can learn more about how to do this here: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/networking/security/winfirewall.mspx

If this does not work for you and you have followed all the instructions, jump to this post to view a link to some unsupported, unofficial user-found workarounds: http://gbxforums.gearboxsoftware.com/showpost.php?p=1596986&postcount=3
Status: Multiplayer issues are currently under investigation

Issue: trouble installing the game on the PC
Status: This issue is being investigated
Workaround: http://gbxforums.gearboxsoftware.com/showpost.php?p=1597948&postcount=25 Note: this workaround requires registry editing, please do not do this if you aren't comfortable editing your registry.

Issue: Some achievements and trophies fail to unlock
Status: A solution has been found for this issue, but is not available yet
Verified Workaround: Complete the achievement or trophy objectives with a new character (verified work-around played off-line).

Issue: Claptrap gets stuck during the introduction (~ within first 10 minutes of game) and will not progress
Status: Issue has been identified and will be resolved shortly
Note: As of 10/30, this issue will be resolved via a patch for the 360 and PS3
Verified Workaround: Save and exit your game, then restart a new game with your character. When approaching Fyrestone camp, walk into the camp before killing the last Bandit.

Issue: User is signed out of PSN when starting a single player game, or periodically throughout play
Status: Issue is under investigation.
Verified Workaround: Sign back into PSN after the disconnect

Issue: Digital audio skips or stutters
Status: This issue is being tested to determine the cause.
Verified Workaround: Do not use digital audio output. This is not a permanent solution, but should clear up audio issues in the interim. Make sure your PS3 is updated by performing a system update check!

Issue: The "Find Steele" mission is not completable if the cutscene is interrupted
Status: This issue is being investigated
Workaround: Do not shut down the console or quit the game during the cutscene

Issue: The PC version isn't saving
Workaround: you have installed the game to a non-standard partition or have changed your default documents folder location. Try reinstalling to a standard partition or restore your default documents folder.

Issues Under Investigation - we are investigating the cause of and solutions to the following known issues. If you have experienced one of these issues, please create a thread with detailed information to help our developers and QA team identify and correct the issue.

Both Consoles

Issue: (360, PS3) Users level 25+ finding only low level games
Frequency: Low
Status: A solution for this problem has been discovered and a fix is pending

Issue: Aim-assist does not toggle on and off properly
Frequency: Low
Status: A solution to this problem has been found and a fix is pending!

Issue: Lilith's "Silent Resolve" skill is not functioning as intended on the 360 or PS3
Status: This issue is under investigation

PS3 only

Issue: (PS3) The console freezes during play
Frequency: Low
Status: The cause of this problem is being investigated

Issue: (PS3) Error codes displayed when attempting to sign into multiplayer
Frequency: Low
Status: The cause of this problem is being investigated

Issue: (PS3) Frame rate drops in a game with 3+ players
Frequency: Moderate
Status: The cause of this problem is being investigated


Issue: PC users experience a "General protection fault" error
Frequency: Low
Status: This issue is being investigated

Issue: PC voice chat does not support volume control
Status: This issue has been resolved and is pending deployment

All Platforms

Issue: Lilith's Phase Strike not functioning as intended
Frequency: n/a, all users
Status: A fix has been discovered, as of 10/30 this is resolved via a patch on the 360 and PS3

Issue: Skill points or items disappear, or skill points are gained, usually after a multiplayer game
Frequency: client-side, moderate
Status: The cause of this problem is being investigated

Issue: weapon proficiencies disappear upon leaving a co-op game
Frequency: Client side common
Status: A solution for this problem has been discovered and a fix is pending

Issue: Save file is corrupted
Frequency: Very Low
Status: A fix is being investigated. Back up your saves periodically to minimize this issue's impact.

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#3 - Starlight - 278w ago
Starlight's Avatar
Game works really good on my pc so far and is a pretty awesome game from what i have played of it.

#2 - adrianc1982 - 278w ago
adrianc1982's Avatar
I really want this game, even with the bugs, but I hope to get it later on after I beat mw2 and have a better experience with borderlands. Also since I have read the multiplayer is only coop and matches, this game can be bought over time at a lower price and still enjoy it with friends.

#1 - chipo6t5 - 278w ago
chipo6t5's Avatar
This game helped me realize how much of an upgrade my computer needs.


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