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January 26, 2009 // 10:51 pm - AMD has announced a new kit dubbed 'Let the Games Begin' that aims to encourage people to create games related to issues such as the environment and health.

The kit is available for free from

Those who don't wish to download the sizeable 1.5GB kit can check out an online version of it from HERE.

To quote: So you want to make a game for change? Congratulations and welcome!

You're entering relatively uncharted waters, so we've created this Toolkit to help you map out the journey from here to there. The Toolkit is not a technical manual for making a game but provides an overview of the game-making process and guides you through key areas- what questions you need to ask, what decisions you need to make.

Creating a game is a collaborative process, and you'll likely want to partner with an experienced game designer early on. This Toolkit provides you the information to start the conversation, both within your organization and with your outside partners.

Good luck on your journey, and let us know ([email protected]) how we can help.

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AMD Announces Games For Change (G4C) Toolkit is Available

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