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September 30, 2007 // 3:31 pm - Recieved word from on this sunny Sunday fall afternoon of their new XCM add-on fans for the X-Box 360. Available in October, they have the XCM 360 Core Cooler (Sun Core- Red LED), the XCM 360 Core Cooler (Nature Core- Green LED), the XCM 360 Core Cooler (Laser Core- White LED), and the XCM 360 Core Cooler (Deep Blue Core- Blue LED)!

A handy XCM Add-On Fan Installation Diagram and an XCM Core Cooler working with XCM High Speed Air Cooler info page is also available along with these new editions.

Finally, October looks to be an interesting month from the XCM folks... e-setter for PS3 is due out then.

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