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383w ago - This video shows you how to convert any movie to watch on your PS3.

Transformers HD-DVD is used in this example.

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#6 - xerotyme - 329w ago
xerotyme's Avatar
mkv2vob works great for about 90% of all the movies I've converted and it's a simple GUI... If anything ever becomes available in text form for windows please share so I can convert that other 10% without getting green bars, thanks!

#5 - plains203 - 329w ago
plains203's Avatar
Thanks for the guide guys, I think this way is better than what I was doing

#4 - idone - 330w ago
idone's Avatar

Here is a good place to start.

#3 - natewerks - 330w ago
natewerks's Avatar
can someone please post a walkthrough for this?


#2 - lara76100 - 377w ago
lara76100's Avatar
is more easy to converting dvd in divx !

#1 - Gunerotti - 383w ago
Gunerotti's Avatar
Great. I wonder if there is also a step by step written guide to accompany the video.