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September 25, 2007 // 1:01 pm - Earlier this year, the prolific publisher promoted its latest Tom Clancy-inspired series EndWar through a viral marketing campaign that played heavily on the collapse of the American government due to a fictional WWIII. Today, Ubisoft unveiled yet another Tom Clancy extension, and once again America seems to be on the unhappy side of a 10-megaton bomb.

As with the rest of the Tom Clancy franchise, the as-yet-untitled game takes place in the near future, with America under attack by a powerful private military group. However, diverging from the infantry-based warfare found in the rest of the franchise, Ubisoft's latest takes to the skies for futuristic flight combat.

At the helm of high-tech jet fighters, players will engage in "all the action and excitement of modern air combat, from intense dogfighting to tactical strikes," said Ubisoft managing director S├ębastien Delen. The game will also support online multiplayer combat and have a gradient learning curve through adjustable player-assist features.

Ubisoft has tasked its studio in Bucharest, Romania, to develop the game. Ubisoft Romania's previous work includes Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII and Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific.

Ubisoft plans to launch its latest Tom Clancy series in 2008 on consoles and the PC.

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