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October 15, 2007 // 7:40 pm - Responding to a reported quote from Epic president Mike Capps that Unreal Tournament 3 was "just on PS3," VP Mark Rein has reaffirmed to CVG that the deathmatch shooter is still coming to Xbox 360 next year.

"We are going to release UT3 on Xbox 360 in 2008," confirmed Rein.

Regarding the game's performance, Rein explained, "I would think most of the people who read CVG would actually be able to get a great experience with Unreal Tournament III. We spent a considerable amount of time and effort making sure that gamers will be able to enjoy UTIII even with older gaming rigs," he added.

"The reason we put out a beta version of our demo was to get feedback on how well the game runs on older hardware.

"We're trying hard not to confuse users with a hundred different graphical settings and come up with the right balance of installer-selected settings, easy configuration and end-user documentation. The beta showed that we still have some work to do in these areas but that we're making very good progress.

"In addition it should also be noted that we purposely left out some of the higher detail content in the beta demo levels to keep the download size reasonable and because, as you implied, it is generally already known the game runs well on high-end hardware and we didn't think an over-2Gb beta would get downloaded and tested as much as we'd like to see."

The 700mb demo was released over the weekend, and Stu's home PC still can't handle it. Then again, he did build it for Quake IV...

UT3 IS coming to 360, Epic reaffirms

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