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September 19, 2007 // 5:38 pm - Moixa Energy issued a press release which signalled their intent to capture some of the gaming crowd for their AA rechargeable batteries known as USBCELL. The unique batteries are like no other and have an integrated USB connector which allows you to recharge the batteries just by plugging them into any available USB port.

They are pushing abilities such as being able to swap and play all day as you can plug in one set of batteries into your PS3 console while the others are being used in your controller (some non official controllers use AA batteries). Hopefully they won't result in the RRoD on your 360 as their following promotional shot shows...

PRESS RELEASE: The USBCELL is the latest must have PS3 accessory

Have you ever been playing your favourite console game on the to the highest level you have ever achieved and then your controller runs out of power allowing the zombie to eat you, ending your personal triumph... frustrating uh?! Well, punch the pillow in anger no more - Moixa's USBCELL AA rechargeable batteries are the perfect way for you to keep your controller powered up from the start to the gory end!

The USBCELL features a unique design, where you pull off the cap to reveal a USB plug. Simply insert into any USB port to recharge them, the PS3 has 4 USB ports on the front panel, this means you can plug one set in to your controller whilst the other charges in the USB ports of your PS3 console allowing you to swap and play....all day! The USBCELLs are also ideal for the Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii, so let the only frustration of gaming be virtual!

The USBCELL is also great news for the environment, directly reducing the wasteful consumption of single-use batteries, so you can help save the planet literally whilst doing the same virtually. Each USBCELL saves approx 7KG of CO2 being emitted and 3KG of toxic waste being thrown into landfill.

Over 15 billion batteries are made and thrown away each year - equivalent to a column of batteries to the moon and back - causing significant CO2/Resource waste in manufacture and toxic landfill. USBCELL offers consumers a better choice - a battery that can be recharged anywhere from a USB port, without the need of finding or carrying cables and adaptors.

USBCELL goes after the gaming market, hopefully they don't give your 360 the RRoD

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