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September 7, 2007 // 1:15 pm - Simple Media System: Tiny yet powerful DivX/Xvid/MP3 player for the PS2. SMS will read video files from a variety of sources: Network Streaming, USB Drives, Hard Drives, CD/DVD-ROM.

Download: SMS v2.4 ELF

Changelog for Version 2.4:

- added PS2 optimized DTS audio decoder. DTS passthrough mode (via S/PDIF optical output)
is also supported (tested only with SoundBlaster PC sound card);
- added support for MPEG1/2 files with multiple audio tracks (selectable via player menu).
Tested only with one .vob file that contains DTS and AC3 audio tracks;
- removed version number (now it is displayed only during initialization) from the GUI;
- improved MPEG1/2 display (now SMS takes into account widescreen aspect ratio (if present)
from the original source for letterbox/pan-scan-1/2/3 display);
- added possibility to select background image (skin) in SMS menu (Browser settings ->
Use background image option). Image file(s) should be in 'smi' format (i.e. produced by
SMS image generator utility) and have '.smi' extension (case sensitive and without quotes).
They should be placed inside 'mc0:/SMS/Skins' (case sensitive and without quotes) folder.
No format verification is performed, so use only files produced by SMS image generator
- changed display synchronization procedure for audio AND video playback. This can be somewhat
model dependent, so if it won't work (black screen) then try to play with value for
'Synchronization parameter 1' in 'SMS Menu' -> 'Display settings' -> 'Advance settings';
- fixed bug in SMS menu (thanks to 'elchevive' for the remark);
- network initialization is made asynchronous and nonblocking (i.e. it is performed in
background even if the cable is not plugged in (it can be plugged in any time)). Maybe
it is confusing a bit as 'Initializing network...' message is displayed for a very short
time and further nothing seems to be happening. Here in configuration with router network

initialization and connection to SMB server takes approximately 5-10 seconds (autonegotiation);

- updated seek functionality for MPEG1/2 files;

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