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September 30, 2007 // 1:24 pm - From Seija's Blog on PS3News Forums

First I wanted to note that my last entry was written between 11:40 - 12 at night. Keep in mind that it was a school night too. So when I went to bed after writing up that entry, I realize that I was kinda giving CBS some free advertisement and I felt kinda lame/used T_____T Alright... maybe I didn't feel used but meh =P Now I'm just delaying my episode so I think I'll start it up now. Man... I should totally make youtube videos of my rants. Lols. I think I would get flamed by youtube a-holes.

Random Rant Episode 6: The Definitions of the World

In my last post I mentioned that I would talk about what a man is. Now, keep in mind when it comes to topics like these, these are just MY opinions. Your opinion may be different or similar. If I were to ask you what it means to be different, you all would probably give me a different answer. Some of you will have very similar answers as well. If I were to ask you what it means to be normal, you all would probably have a fairly similar answer. However, there's probably going to be at least one person with a different answer, one that probably is very different than everyone else's...

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