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October 15, 2007 // 7:39 pm - Now that Sony is almost ready to reveal its plans to release a 40GB version of its Playstation 3 console in early November in the US and cutting the price of the 80GB version again, it looks like Microsoft already has some plans to counter the Playstation 3 price cut. According to Spanish retailers Microsoft is planning another price cut, to keep the original price gap between the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 intact, or maybe even enlarge it. Sony earlier revealed it will be launching a 40GB PS3 in October in Euope for only 399 euros, and cutting the 60GB Starter Pack from 599 to 499 euros.

According to some Spanish stores Microsoft is planning to cut the price of the Xbox 360 Premium and Elite. The price cut would bring the Xbox 360 Premium to a price of 299 euros, and the Elite to 399 euros. This means both packs will have a 50 euros price cut. This would make the Elite as expansive as the new 40GB PS3. Off course this is just a rumor, but it could always happen. Microsoft is still tight lipped on this rumor.

Microsoft planning another Xbox 360 price cut?

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