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October 18, 2007 // 11:50 am - In some exciting news for HD-DVD fans, Scott Browning, one of the most experienced CE retail marketing executives in Australia, has revealed that Microsoft is preparing to launch a new Xbox 360 console featuring a built in HD-DVD drive.

The Marketing Director made the announcement whilst commenting on the shock decision (Which left many Sony execs stunned) of JB HiFi dropping their exclusive support for Blu-ray and start selling the Toshiba backed HD DVD. Browning believes that with movie powerhouses such as Paramount, Dreamworks and Universal all firmly behind the HD DVD format, support for the medium will increase and that it's now only a matter of time when Microsoft (who are also in the HD-DVD camp), will release the built in HD-DVD 360 console.

"The fact that movie houses like Paramount are behind the HD-DVD format along with the like of DreamWorks is key. I believe that more content providers will get behind the format and that the likes of Microsoft who are big supporters of the HD DVD format will bring out an Xbox with a built in HD DVD player. This is a given."

Lately, Sony have boasted of their superior Blu-Ray sales ratios when compared to HD-DVD, with many PS3 owners purchasing the discs, with a built in HD-DVD Xbox 360 console, will Microsoft be able to claw back some lost ground in the HD format wars? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Microsoft: Xbox 360 with Built In HD-DVD Drive On The Way?

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