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October 17, 2007 // 9:24 pm - Retailer says the format is outselling HD DVD by 4-1. Meijer, a Mideast-based electronics retailer with 180 stores, says it's now only carrying Blu-ray at its web site. That's according to an article by Video Business.

Dawn Bronkema, Meijer's director of e-commerce marketing, tells the publication that Blu-ray discs are outselling rival HD DVD by 4-1.

Consequently, now offers 300 Blu-ray titles, a near-complete catalogue of what's available in the format to date.

Despite the Blu-ray expansion, Bronkema says Meijer will eventually carry HD DVD at the site but current sales prompted the company to expand its Blu-ray inventory rather than add HD DVD titles at this point.

The retailer does offer a limited number of Blu-ray and HD DVD titles in its stores in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and other states in the Mideast, Video Business reports.

Meijer Goes All Blu-ray At Site

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