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282w ago - An update to the previously released XBReboot v0.05 is now available, XBReboot v0.05-1 is more stable and easier to use.

XBReboot v0.05-1 provides automatic XEX detection (Dev or Retail), as well as PIRS support (no more need to unpack and repack PIRS files).

Download: XBReboot v0.05-1 / XBReboot v0.05-1 [Mirror]

From the ReadMe File Notes:

• There is no need to unpack and repack pirs files!

• This is a limitation of freeboot. Not XBR.

• Aside from that major difference, all functionality is the same.

• Individual sections can be updated or extracted separately using nandpro.

• The image can be made to work for all 16M consoles.

• The standard method of using can be used to change the 4548 boot FW portion of the flash to the console type.

XBReboot v0.05-1 for XBox 360 with Automatic XEX Detection out!

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#4 - paulgrima1991 - 282w ago
paulgrima1991's Avatar
And whats involved for me to get this to run on my 360?? i have 2. although on one i have lost the dvd key...

#3 - slasherking823 - 282w ago
slasherking823's Avatar
It allows you to run unsigned crap, example: modded h3, dev kit stuff/whatever for the jtag hack released this summer.

This program reboots the console into unsigned dash.

#2 - blackrose - 282w ago
blackrose's Avatar
what are all these things that are coming out for the xbox for? can someone explain to me the significance of these programs?

#1 - Niwroc - 282w ago
Niwroc's Avatar
All of this 360 news is pretty exciting. I think I might risk attempting this on my old launch-era console.