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December 14, 2010 // 4:48 pm - In the last few days I recieved the latest color changing XBox 360 Spekter GhostCase to review.

For those unaware, this XBox 360 case mod changes color as you play- the hotter your XBox 360 gets, the more it changes color.

The kit included all needed tools to open the XBox 360 case, if you ever opened one of these you know how handy the tools are.

Box Contents:
  • XBox 360 top and bottom shell
  • Matching Faceplate
  • DVD Tray Bezel with Buttons
  • DVD Drive Lid (Compatable with Sansung, Hitachi & BenQ only)
  • Universal Plug and Play dual LED Light Kit (I recieved Blue)
  • Case Opening Tools

The Install: The supplied parts were of a high quality plastic (not at all thin and flimsy) and went together fairly easily. The rear clips did aggravate me not wanting to clip together at first. After all was said and done I proceeded to clip on the HD, however, the rear slot for the hard drive wasn't exactly the same as the drive and wouldn't let the HD click in place correctly. This was fixed easy enough with a hobby knife and a steady hand.

  • Lightweight parts and high quality plastic.
  • Very in-depth instructions on Web site.
  • Gives the XBox 360 a nice new look!

Cons: When the grey to white color changing case pictures were taken the system had been on for over 2 hours and it never gets hot enough to affect the whole case. On top it only changes above the power supply, and on the bottom it gets a huge white spot that covers like 80% of it.

That said, it really looks better off, so if this is something you were going to look into I would recommend a different color case than I chose.

XBox 360 Spekter Color-Changing GhostCase is Reviewed!

XBox 360 Spekter Color-Changing GhostCase is Reviewed!

XBox 360 Spekter Color-Changing GhostCase is Reviewed!

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#2 - ChaosZero112 - December 15, 2010 // 2:09 am
ChaosZero112's Avatar
Same concept as the XCM 360 Hot Rock Case with a different look. Though I like how this one is a full kit.

#1 - PS4 News - December 14, 2010 // 11:55 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Thanks for the review TheShroomster, I have now added it to our Reviews page and +Rep!