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September 28, 2008 // 7:20 pm - French site PSPGen (linked above) is reporting to have received PSP Firmware 5.0 BETA, which is expected to have a new browser and direct access to the PlayStation store, in order to test and adapt games in response to it.

A rough translation: This BETA version of firmware 5.00 bringing no change in visual XMB and it is therefore difficult to know what new features have been added at first glance.

We have therefore sought a little further and we eventually find that this new firmware has three major innovations including:

- Access to PlayStation Network
Players will be able to connect to PSN Sony. The future games developed on the PSP will allow players to compete via the PSN. How? This is still a bit dark because the firmware development contains only the bare minimum that the developers need and thus the XMB is "light" icons deemed useless to them by Sony (As the menu research, for example ...)

Beyond this certainty, this may suggest that the PSP, like his little sister, the PS3 will see its list of friends connected, and perhaps even to communicate directly to play online. Let's be crazy and imagine that Sony even includes the option for players to access the PSP system trophies.

- A new RSS reader
A new RSS reader that allows the flow of reading text will be added. To date, the PSP can read images, videos and sounds in RSS feeds but not the text (not an attic?). This new firmware version is expected to fill this gap.

- A "snapshot" integrated
A feature to make screenshots will be added.

So if all goes as planned, there should have everything new in firmware version 5.00 final and, if so, it will be rather a good grind. Peut-être même la meilleure depuis longtemps. Perhaps even better for a long time.

However, some gray areas on various points:

- The method of administration NSP by the PSP will really like that of the PS3?

- Access to the PlayStation Store will it be possible directly with its PSP?

- The "Snapshot" will it be active all the time and everywhere, or only open to allowing games?

- Access to PSN will happen to Sony to force the user to upgrade its console in the latest firmware?

We tried to give you a sneak preview, the most accurate information on the subject. At the time of publication, they are fair and verified but Sony does nothing to change his plans in the meantime. We remind you that the word beta indicates that this is not a final version.

"Got a date?", We hear from behind the glass of your screen.

Not yet, it is possible that either for the release of the PSP in 3000, 15 October 2008, the period seems a little progress. However, before the end of October this firmware should see the day ... What with Sony, nothing is easy to predict and the "wait and see" is the rigor.

PSP Firmware 5.0 BETA Now Available for Developers

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