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329w ago - Update: For those who want to peek at it, the password is viajerus, and props to gunnhed for letting us know!

Hi! What that? A new PS3 iSO Loader fake for 2009?

Download: Viajerus PS3 iSO Loader [Requires Password, Not Available]

Video is below, from Machinpc.

Happy new year,


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#40 - PS4 News - 329w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Ya, it isn't (for like the 5th time now) hehe... with that said, I guess we can wrap this thread up and keep it for archival purposes now.

#39 - whatisawaty - 329w ago
whatisawaty's Avatar
I would sincerely hope this is real. Based upon what I saw, I don't think it is though.

#38 - mdoubleok - 329w ago
mdoubleok's Avatar
I cant understand why they do this?

#37 - jevolution - 329w ago
jevolution's Avatar
its actually was not obvious to much exactly how these fake stuff waste "so much" of devs time... but after spending a few hours into sunrise checking it out myself... i understand... shame on these fakers. They should all be put on a small polluted radioactive island somewhere and said island blown up!

#36 - NZHawk - 329w ago
NZHawk's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by thaihung View Post
If this real, I guest this is a save file. So question is which one ?

This is not real, And its not a save game file. Have a look at the file FileXT

#35 - doggydawg - 329w ago
doggydawg's Avatar
you have to give this guy credit though... this was the hardest worked after fake iso loader.

password protected rar with a really obvious password, a strange file format which supposedly only runs on linux... this is byfar the best fake iso loader to date.

#34 - thaihung - 329w ago
thaihung's Avatar
If this real, I guest this is a save file. So question is which one ?

#33 - keytor69 - 329w ago
keytor69's Avatar
The loader might be fake but I dont think the file is garbage randomly typed. when you look at the blocks of data there are some similaraties ie 16 chr is always a 2 son it is more likely a graphics file of 3d prog file than garbage.

Pleas feel free to shoot me down in flames. :P

#32 - PS4 News - 329w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Tidusnake666 View Post
But seriously, this is not funny, seems like StreetSkaterFU's friend

ROFL! +Rep. I'd have said that myself, but that would mean not only would he need a friend, but one in Argentina...

#31 - Tidusnake666 - 329w ago
Tidusnake666's Avatar
Hell yeah, opened in hex editor, and it's really like mashing keyboard or random digits.. ( oh, I'll make a program, which will create .vi files consisting of random characters )) It will be *VERY* helpful.) But seriously, this is not funny, seems like StreetSkaterFU's friend