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349w ago - Last week we posted an article detailing a limited list of PlayStation 3 titles scheduled to arrive this Holiday Season.

Today IGN (linked above) has posted their list of PS3 games slated for a Fall 2008 release, which include:

• BioShock
• Brothers in Arms
• Call of Duty: World at War
• Dead Space
• Fallout 3
• Far Cry 2
• Guitar Hero World Tour
• Lego Batman
• LittleBigPlanet
• Mega Man 9
• Midnight Club: LA
• Mirror's Edge
• MK Vs DC Universe
• Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
• Naruto
• NBA 09: The Inside
• NBA 2K9
• Prince of Persia
• Quantom of Solace
• Resistance 2
• Rock Band 2
• Saints Row 2
• Shaun White Snowboarding
• Silent Hill: Homecoming
• SingStar Vol 2

• SOCOM: Confrontation
• Sonic Unleashed
• Valkyria Chronicles
• Wipeout HD
• WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009

While the majority of these titles are multi-platform, there's a good handful of exclusive PS3 ones!

The PlayStation 3 Games of Fall 2008

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#9 - Bastart - 349w ago
Bastart's Avatar
Really looking forward to these titles;

• Dead Space
• Motorstorm: Pacific Rift

#8 - trasek - 349w ago
trasek's Avatar
Really exiting about Motorstorm 2. The game previews look awesome. Hope the demo will be available soon. Also Call of Duty an Brother in Arms would like to have .

#7 - picc0lo - 349w ago
picc0lo's Avatar
Can't wait for Midnight Club: LA. I played the previous games and enjoyed every bit of it. It's so much fun to play with a friend. The new MC looks very promising and I think it's gonna be great.

I'm also excited about Megaman 9. Been a fan of Megaman for a long time and I think it's gonna be cool to play a Megaman game again.

#6 - AJRogers - 349w ago
AJRogers's Avatar
Nice list. I'll be picking up Midnight Club: LA for sure, possibly MK vs. DC (looks sick!) but COD:WaW I will be picking up for 360 most likely.

#5 - dwashere - 349w ago
dwashere's Avatar
what did you guys think bout NBA2k9? i see some screens and it does look awesome!

#4 - crimsonraziel - 349w ago
crimsonraziel's Avatar
Silent hill? wow nice. Definitely getting this one.

#3 - dwashere - 349w ago
dwashere's Avatar
darn... i'm gonna be broke this holiday

#2 - Warrorar - 349w ago
Warrorar's Avatar
cant wait to play motorstorm 2 against my best friend in split screen

#1 - kmsnow - 349w ago
kmsnow's Avatar
this is gonna be such an expensive time with all the games comming out, i just have to buy the new smackdown game, nba live 09, fifa 09, motorstorm 2 and the new prince of persia! what about you guys.. what are you looking forward too and what games do you just have to get?