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October 30, 2008 // 8:22 pm - A patent application filed on October 23rd that surfaced at NeoGAF reveals that talk of Sony creating a break-apart controller that surfaced back in July of this year might not have been as far-fetched as was originally thought.

The patent is for a method by which a system could track the movement of one or more controllers, with video tracking the position of the controllers and ultrasonic frequencies used to determine their distance from the console.

What this means is that two different controllers would submit data to a video input device like the PlayStation Eye, with the Eye's microphone picking up on both the visual location and aural distance to track motion.

To quote: Through images included in a patent application, Sony has provided us with the first look at what they could be planning for their much rumoured break-apart control that keeps getting mentioned every few months.

It looks like the PS-Eye is involved somehow, and removable face-plates with different buttons, analog nubs. and pads play a part as well.

Remember though, a patent does not necessarily mean the company is going to release a product, it just means something could be possible further down the line. We hope it looks nothing like these pictures though if it gets released, as it is just a a tiny bit weird looking.

Rumor: First Look at Sony's New Break-Apart Game Controller

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#3 - xtianoPL - November 1, 2008 // 2:19 pm
xtianoPL's Avatar
Don't worry about design! On release it will be modern and sylish, like PS3

#2 - CyanCaze - October 31, 2008 // 9:10 pm
CyanCaze's Avatar
Sony.... Stick with your normal controller please. It has been the best available since the 90's...

#1 - BigBlarg - October 31, 2008 // 11:52 am
BigBlarg's Avatar
That thing looks too strange... it's also ugly.

I wouldn't play with something looking like that. They need to make it look better.