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September 1, 2008 // 9:28 pm - With PS3 sales overtaking Xbox 360 sales in the last couple of months there have been many articles and reports flying around the Internet saying that the PS3 is finally starting to catch up to the 360 and may possibly even overtake it soon.

Interesting concept, except for the fact that it's flawed.

The current sales of the Xbox 360 and PS3 on VGchartz are as follows:

Xbox 360: 20.44 Million
PlayStation 3: 15.05 Million

The thing is, that if you look at the console sales, you can see that the gap in sales between the PS3 and Xbox 360 is still roughly the same as it was when the PS3 was launched.

This means that in the current state, the sales of the PS3 are at best only matching the sales of the Xbox 360 even though sales for Sony's console have picked up recently.

The PS3 is indeed becoming more popular and the past problems with the Xbox 360's hardware have made quite a difference. However, we all know that the Xbox 360 is going to be the only console offering HD next-gen gaming at the magic price of $199 US dollars.

As we have stated in previous articles, come Christmas time, parents are going to be flocking to stores to ensure a truckload of new foul mouthed children join us on Xbox Live and when they do, the low price of the Xbox 360 is going to be incredibly tempting, especially with Nintendo's Wii suffering from shortages abroad.

As much as the PS3 enjoys strong brand recognition and a large fanbase from the PS2 generation, the purchasing decisions are that of the parents and not the children and when the price is right, the parents are all for it. So how is the the future of the PS3 looking?

We spend so much time discussing exclusive titles and graphics comparisons that we forget that at the end of the day it largely comes down to parents, standing in a store, staring at shelves with PS3's and Xbox 360's on them. They don't care about MGS4 and Gears of War 2. They see a low price tag on one of them "new console thingamajigs" and the truth is, its not the PS3.

It seems pretty obvious which one is going to be leaving in their trolley.

Is the PlayStation 3 really catching up to the Xbox 360?

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#17 - novirtue - September 15, 2008 // 12:31 pm
novirtue's Avatar
I plan on getting a 360 in the future, however the 2 things that set me to sony were

1. Sony has free online gaming, I pay for internet access as it is, so where ms gets off asking for more money for the same service I get for free on my ps3 is laughable at best

2. I like it when I have a system and it doesn't meltdown after a couple days (by the way that's not from reading articles, 3 of my friends have 360's and although 2 of them only had to get it fixed once, my other friend has had his fixed over 5 times and being charged by ms $150 each time which is again insane)

3. the playstation rocked, the playstation 2 rocked, I hated the original xbox, although I have played the 360 and it is quite on par with current gen systems, I figured I'd go the safe route and pay a little more to get a little more

and as an added bonus Blu-Ray has beaten HD-DVD in the format war so I'm glad I chose a ps3, things look better all the time, and although sony does disappoint, and it's not like I have some blind loyalty to them overall I'm quite content with my decision.

#16 - killerhamed - September 15, 2008 // 3:27 am
killerhamed's Avatar
ps3 has already caught up with in-game xmb imo!

#15 - slastrina - September 14, 2008 // 12:59 pm
slastrina's Avatar
personally, i wouldnt look at figures to show whats better it all depends on functionality, the main reason xbox has so many sales in the first place is due to customers buying new consoles due to theirs having failed and been out of warranty. i find ps3 to have beaten 360 in many categories, such as stability, functionality, graphics, processing, audio/visual aspects as well as well as flexability of using unix based systems.

now im not picking on the 360 as it does have the upper hand on some of the games, tho i find it to be quite flawed in comparison to the ps3, think of the number of 360's sent in for repairs DAILY. i dont hear of anywhere near as many complaints of failed ps3's... in the end its up to the end user. as they are paying the cash for the console.

#14 - nrochie4184 - September 14, 2008 // 4:11 am
nrochie4184's Avatar
I think Ps3 has a far brighter future than 360... The fact that blu-ray discs are capable of holding much more data alone backs this up. Not to mention that they are using an obsolete media type in the hd-dvd. Also the fact that a new harddrive can be installed in the Ps3 is huge.

#13 - luilui812 - September 10, 2008 // 5:50 am
luilui812's Avatar
wow, of course it is. that shouldnt even be a question, lol. I think the main reason the ps3 is finally catching up is because of all the gaming developers finally unleashing the true potential of the ps3, and finally realizing that the ps3 is an overall better system than the competitors. IMO!

#12 - Transient - September 9, 2008 // 5:20 am
Transient's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by purekhmer View Post
Though I understand this is a Playstation biased forums, you should not be "bashing" the Microsoft in anyway. IMO, they're both enjoyable systems. Playstation 3's upcoming titles seem to yield more interest to me rather than the 360's. It's new titles are sure to bring up sales.

Personally, I think Crapbox 360 is a well deserved nickname. From a features/functionality perspective, yes it is a good system. From a hardware quality perspective, it is abysmal.

Go do a search on eBay for Xbox 360 consoles. Notice how it's actually hard to find a working system amongst all the defective ones being sold? I doubt those owners would list their experience as being enjoyable.

Quote Originally Posted by xxLindenxx View Post
anyway i believe that when Sony will finally win, microsoft will bring out the big guns.. 720 and halo 4..

Now that Bungie is a private company there's no guarantee that Halo 4 will be Microsoft's savior as it has in the past.

Everyone expected Final Fantasy XIII to be PS3 only, and we now know there will be PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, so there's absolutely no reason that the same couldn't happen with Halo 4.

#11 - nivlac978 - September 7, 2008 // 8:02 pm
nivlac978's Avatar
I like both the PS3 and the 360 but I like the PS3 a lot more. That is the only reason why I don't own a 360 cause I want Sony to come out on top. Is that weird that I'm pulling for one corporation over another?

#10 - xxLindenxx - September 3, 2008 // 11:23 pm
xxLindenxx's Avatar
you prove great points, but as it is, kids today are spoiled and seem to all have the consoles.. so the way i see it, when they all have 360's they will then all want ps3's as soon as another of their friends has one.. heck I'm getting a ps3 (free tho) just because i want to go online free and with my friends.

yes I'm cheap but I'm not spoiled like those kids.. anyway i believe that when Sony will finally win, microsoft will bring out the big guns.. 720 and halo 4.. unless if Sony is planning to win the next-next gen by releasing a ps4. then Sony will have the same advantage as Microsoft at this very moment.

#9 - purekhmer - September 3, 2008 // 8:24 pm
purekhmer's Avatar
Though I understand this is a Playstation biased forums, you should not be "bashing" the Microsoft in anyway. IMO, they're both enjoyable systems. Playstation 3's upcoming titles seem to yield more interest to me rather than the 360's. It's new titles are sure to bring up sales.

#8 - wormie123 - September 3, 2008 // 5:46 pm
wormie123's Avatar
I was reading last months PSM3 and they said that the average gamer is in his 20's now so I can't agree with the parents buying it maybe the wii as they are directed to family and children. As you said the PS2 fan base think about how old people are now who had PS2's when they first came out like late teens will have all grown up.