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December 1, 2010 // 8:38 am - Update: Some new Sony Ericsson Z1 PSP PlayStation Phone videos (below) are now available courtesy of

Just over a month back we saw the first pictures of the Sony Ericsson Z1 PSP PlayStation phone, and today (linked above) has revealed what appears to be the first leaked video of it in action.

To quote, roughly translated: Fell to my Sony Ericsson Z1 (menu Settings - About Phone, listed as Zeus).

Its shape resembles the Vivaz, well rounded corners and four buttons hard keys at the bottom of the screen 4 inches. The device I saw was wearing a version Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Very good sense of the touch screen, very good multi-touch and a general and uniform sykgrotimeno result, despite being a prototype. I saw a demo of Qualcomm with animated graphics that play excellent mobile phone!

It seemed to shoot some tanks while we were returning the camera around them by close-ups to make. Sony is preparing its own Application Store with Games for Sony Ericsson Z1 and any other mobile PSP follow after that.

As for the sliders to play the games. The surface of the joypad is exactly what we've seen in the photo has leaked. In the middle of the joypad, there are two points markostena with rounded corners and a silver bullet into each one and as I explained to the Indian, these are the joystick!

Yes, you read that the virtual joystick doulefeoun by touch. Also as they hold the kimito open with your fingers on the joypad, as if you hold a cheiristirio the PlayStation, behind the screen there are normally two keys left - right extra settings in the joypad.

The camera is 8 Megapixels and has a small round LED flash like the XPERIA X10. Kratato my hands on the Z1 PSP phone in a few weeks ago the photos appeared on the internet without being credible by many. But... it does exist!

I went to live wallpapers, and what this meeting was called two new PSP wallpaper that you can adjust the color and if I every once in the week to automatically change it.

Video: Sony Ericsson Z1 PSP PlayStation Phone Revealed?

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#10 - PS4 News - December 4, 2010 // 4:43 am
PS4 News's Avatar
I have now updated the first post with some new videos via Engadget for those interested.

#9 - ST0RM53 - December 2, 2010 // 11:58 pm
ST0RM53's Avatar
Hello. I can translate the original greek text because i am greek... kratao and not kratato means i am holding... anyone need a traslation contact me.

#8 - 3xodus - December 2, 2010 // 2:52 pm
3xodus's Avatar
There are more pics and specs over at various mobile sites, GSMArena, Mobile-Review, and the like. Apparently, this is true, and, will be launched on 9th Dec if the rumours are to be believed.

While this has a PS style button layout, it wont be able to run the current PSP Games, and, can only run games specifically developed for it (Read: High end Android Games). How well this idea comes, only time will tell. However, personally, I am not too convinced seeing the failure Nokia's N-Gage was.

#7 - huangyu - December 2, 2010 // 2:28 pm
huangyu's Avatar
Looks nice , but don't know the proof , so just waiting for more news, the time will let us know it is ture or fake !

#6 - Jes03 - December 2, 2010 // 2:50 am
Jes03's Avatar
How is this proof its the PSP phone? It can be any android phone.

This is no proof. Doesn't the PSP phone open up like a PSP GO? As you don't see that I think this is another fake by someone that wants to make up stories.

#5 - darksabre - December 1, 2010 // 11:35 pm
darksabre's Avatar
Would it even really be a Playstation Phone? It hasn't been Playstation branded yet, and it's being released by Sony Ericsson, not SOA. Although I'm loving the fact that it's Android powered.

And (off topic I may add) I still don't get the iPhone fascination. Every iteration has been like a sports car with tricycle wheels and handlebar brakes chained to a wall. Ultra powerful, but crippled to the point of not even being able to do simple things. I dunno maybe I just don't like Steve Jobs and his "Idiot proof" closed computing mentality.

#4 - xUb3rn00dlEx - December 1, 2010 // 10:54 pm
xUb3rn00dlEx's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by B4rtj4h View Post
Hmm... it looks a little bit like the leaked pictures. Anyways... i just got my iPhone 4. So don't need this one

Lucky! I'm waiting for Q1 2011 for it to arrive on Verizon. I'd rather just get the PSP2 instead, don't really like the idea of a PSPhone... but that's just me!

#3 - sharred - December 1, 2010 // 6:52 pm
sharred's Avatar
sykgrotimeno = something that is has a good structure
markostena = something long and thick
doulefeoun = work
kimito = mobile device
cheiristirio = joystick
Kratato = I am holding

it's not all Greek to me

#2 - B4rtj4h - December 1, 2010 // 6:36 pm
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Hmm... it looks a little bit like the leaked pictures. Anyways... i just got my iPhone 4. So don't need this one

#1 - oleq83 - December 1, 2010 // 4:35 pm
oleq83's Avatar
How do we know that we're even looking at a product from sony?