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August 27, 2009 // 6:50 pm - Today some screens and a video courtesy of hibikinaruto via YouTube is available from cancelled PS3 title Eight Days.

To quote: You may recall hearing early last year that Sony ceased development on both The Getaway and Eight Days in order to shift resources to projects closer to completion.

Shortly after some test footage of Eight Days was released by a former Sony London employee and today we've revived even more media.

Below you'll find a test trailer of one nasty looking crash as well as screens that reveal celebrity talent such as Ving Rhames, Gary Oldman and Dennis Hopper were involved with the title.

Video and Media from Cancelled PS3 Title 'Eight Days' Available

Video and Media from Cancelled PS3 Title 'Eight Days' Available

Video and Media from Cancelled PS3 Title 'Eight Days' Available

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#7 - semitope - August 28, 2009 // 1:15 pm
semitope's Avatar
Thanks for the vid, was gonna go look for it soon. The game really looks like it was going to match that trailer. Car models are the same and if you go to the source site for this news you will see 2 more pics that look ultra realistic.

#6 - med1one - August 28, 2009 // 10:34 am
med1one's Avatar
when i watched a time ago this footage - i almost peed my pants. I waited for this game so long ... probably i can say i waited for it more than for gt5 ... it was so cinematic, so cool, and this desert scenery - it make me wanna have ps3 even more and to be fair enough i bought it for this game too.

i think sony begin to suck their own. First Tekken 6 for xbox360, then MGS for x also ... final fantasy too ... it sucks that they want to build an exclusive games on those only which were sold the most - like god of war ora gt ... uncharted ... thet took risk when uncharted drakes fortune came out and it was very good move - why dont take the risk with other games which look good and have very good potential ?

i dont know why but i makes me wanna get some sort of patch for playing backups to screw sony up like they screw us all the time - but hey we still can buy a new apartment or new pants in Home and beat off to them (saad) - i dont think this console was made for such a crap ... i wanna play good games not good crap.

#5 - Mexicodude908 - August 28, 2009 // 2:37 am
Mexicodude908's Avatar
nice, very nice i agree stupid for cancelling it looked amazing although what was the point of the game does anyone know?

#4 - PS4 News - August 28, 2009 // 2:24 am
PS4 News's Avatar
I have to agree... the game looks far better than most I end up posting about these days. Not sure what they were thinking cancelling it at all!

#3 - semitope - August 28, 2009 // 2:23 am
semitope's Avatar
And the strange thing is that it says here that the game and getaway were shelved permanently. Why on earth would they completely toss this?

UPDATE: It has now been confirmed that these projects have been shelved permanently, and work is not scheduled to restart at a later date.

I hope they really have something after god of war and gt5 to show up the ps3. From the looks of that game it was well into development.

#2 - Zhar - August 28, 2009 // 2:14 am
Zhar's Avatar
They are IDIOTS for cancelling this...

Seriously, that looks so awesome, wonder what they smoked when they decided to can it

#1 - semitope - August 28, 2009 // 2:09 am
semitope's Avatar
WOW. just wow. A cancelled ps3 game looks better than any 360 game and even might look better than uncharted? Looks almost exactly like the e3 06 trailer.