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August 11, 2009 // 5:51 pm - Crikey... I just realized we haven't posted any PlayStation 3 Slim news yet today.

That being said, Mega64 at IGN has shared a PlayStation 3 Slim spoof video today, dubbed 'A PS3 Slim Ghost Story' aka 'The Tale of the PS3 Slim.'

It basically entertains the notion that Sony may be able to keep their PS3 Slim a surprise until Thanksgiving by silencing all people who blog about the elusive console, or so says Sony President and CEO Jack Tretton in the video.

Check it out below, cheers!

Video: A PlayStation 3 Slim Ghost Story

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#11 - bullghost - August 17, 2009 // 5:16 pm
bullghost's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by moshebe View Post
lol, ps3 slim... i say the bigger the better!

yes2x rite the bigger the better , like my old big ps2 it play any cd game , not like my ps2 slim it so selective.

#10 - aleXtrm - August 12, 2009 // 3:51 pm
aleXtrm's Avatar
omg lol this was beyond funny

#9 - bazji - August 12, 2009 // 2:36 pm
bazji's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by moshebe View Post
lol, ps3 slim... i say the bigger the better!

too right, i agree.. i bought a ps2 slim and had lots of hassles with it.

#8 - moshebe - August 12, 2009 // 12:33 pm
moshebe's Avatar
lol, ps3 slim... i say the bigger the better!

#7 - ArkhamsGhost - August 12, 2009 // 9:36 am
ArkhamsGhost's Avatar
Lol, seen this linked at a few sites now. Seems to be popular

#6 - hycraig - August 12, 2009 // 7:51 am
hycraig's Avatar
lol that was weird video but funny


#5 - Darkskyva - August 12, 2009 // 7:40 am
Darkskyva's Avatar
great video, i loved it!

#4 - JesusFMA - August 12, 2009 // 3:33 am
JesusFMA's Avatar

That's all I have to say for this one... it sure is hilarious. A very, very 'IGN' video, as funny as many others from these guys... oh man, I can't stop laughing.

#3 - Starlight - August 12, 2009 // 3:21 am
Starlight's Avatar
And i thought i was on cheap drugs at times but this.. hehe.. it is entertaining i guess.

#2 - PS4 News - August 12, 2009 // 3:01 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Yea lol, as simplistic as it is.. it's still entertaining.