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326w ago - The PlayTV use the DiBcom 7070P chipset and an USB interface but Windows don't recognize it, but you can force some Pinnacle Driver to work, you need only to modify the PCTVDIB.INF inside the Archive.

Download: Sony PlayTV (Win32) Driver

The best is to use the driver linked here (Pinnacle 32bit).

• And overwrite the original PCTVDIB.INF inside the Archive.
• Plug the PlayTV and load the Driver.
• Work in Windows Media Center, and in other generic software.

Sony PlayTV (Win32) Driver Now Available!

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#37 - soloion - 116w ago
soloion's Avatar
Looking back through the comments, I saw several people asking about which program to use with PlayTV on Windows XP. I had trouble finding a program that works.

I eventually found that MediaPortal works with PlayTV. I hope this helps someone.

#36 - shenilr - 258w ago
shenilr's Avatar
while adding the drivers it tells me that it is not compatible with 64 bit, that's cause i think the driver is for 32 bit. thanks

#35 - Triumph3 - 267w ago
Triumph3's Avatar
Hi All,

Noob here. What do i have to do when i have the driver?? How do i overwrite the file??


Edit: Got it sorted. Works well. Nice to be able to use it on the PC. Not sure how much I will use it but a great cheat! thanks.

I guess i could plug the Play TV into the laptop when i leave in the morning and Team Viewer into it from work and watch telly!!

#34 - bluc - 267w ago
bluc's Avatar
Use this link: and download the driver for PCTV Dual DVB-T Diversity Stick (2001e) then replace dib file works for me.

Anyone know if there is an alternate driver to the pinacle one that works? Am trying to stream live tv on my network with dvb TVsource but the program won't tune in any channels.

#33 - roganjoshd - 267w ago
roganjoshd's Avatar
has any one got this going with Windows 7 64-bit? I downloaded the 64bit driver files from pinnacle by changing the URL and overwrote PCTVDiB64.inf with the supplied PCTVDiB.inf

32-bit doesn't work either..

#32 - andrewsalter - 268w ago
andrewsalter's Avatar
hey i'm on xp, how do i get windows media centre?

#31 - maxpwer222 - 311w ago
maxpwer222's Avatar
I personally use "PS3 Media Server".

#30 - JMCG - 311w ago
JMCG's Avatar
i've installed this and media center isn't picking the playtv up as a device, i'm using windows xp media center edition, if anyone can recommend another program i would be more than happy to use that.

#29 - TSFRJ - 322w ago
TSFRJ's Avatar
i've dl the play tv demo on my european account what else do i need? do i need a computer or is playTV something that i can use on PS3 by it's self?

#28 - PS4 News - 322w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by stevn2057 View Post
i have down loaded the driver, it says overwrite archive.. how do i do this?

It means when you extract the files from both archives to your desktop, copy and paste the new single .inf file over the old and click 'Yes' to the prompt to overwrite them.