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August 12, 2009 // 5:14 pm - Today's PS3 Slim update is another unofficial 'confirmation', this time stating the PlayStation 3 Slim will open GamesCom next week. has also confirmed that Sony's press conference is set to last "just over an hour" and the extra time around it is "for people to sit down", not the three hours as previously reported, and will begin around 7:00pm CET.

To quote from (linked above): "Sources close to the product have told us that Kazuo "Kaz" Hirai, head of Sony's console division, will announce the new hardware version of the PS3 at it's Tuesday evening press conference at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany next week.

The console, which has been rumored to be coming for some time, will land in shops in time for Christmas in both the UK and the US, and follow the company's history for creating slimmer versions of the console."

Rumor: Sony's PS3 Slim is 'Confirmed' to Open GamesCom

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#2 - PS4 News - August 13, 2009 // 12:49 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Yep, next Tuesday.. but I am not sure if there will be any pre-events on Monday, etc. We'll see soon enough!

#1 - red8316 - August 13, 2009 // 12:44 am
red8316's Avatar
HFS, this has got to be one of the worst kept secrets ever. LOL. Well, hopefully Sony comes through and shows us what they got, take some of the attention away from that 360 price drop. GamesCom is on the 18th right? Another week to go, sigh ...